Testimonials for Emily Nurse


BABIES (0 – 13 months) Please note that I now work with Newborns (Pregnancy to 6 weeks) and Babies from 6 months old.

Newborn plan before baby was born.

As some friends of ours had real problems getting their babies to sleep we decided to seek Emily’s help before our baby was born. As first time parents we had no idea about the importance of good sleep routines and learnt a lot in our first consultation. We were eager and were able to absorb all the information as we were not sleep deprived. We now have a baby who will happily go into her cot awake and settle herself to sleep for day time naps and have an evening routine where we all get a good nights sleep. We have managed to tweak parts of our routine and troubleshoot any problems thanks to the follow up calls. I cannot recommenced dream nights and Emily highly enough.
Nurse,  Lancaster.

Newborn, before baby was born.
We highly recommend Emily’s support with children’s sleep. We had support from her a few years ago when our then 5 and 3 year were struggling with bedtime settling and overnight waking. We had fantastic support and results and decided to seek support early on with our new baby (Hannah) earlier this year.
We had a zoom call in advance of our baby’s arrival and Emily produced a clear plan which we started using when she was a month old. We then had 3 follow up calls. We learnt how to settle her to sleep in her cot relatively quickly and without the need for feeding to sleep/co sleeping and other props. The night wakes quickly reduced in number to 1 or 2 and when she was 12 weeks she started regularly sleeping through the night. Emily helped us make adjustments along the way and has given us a plan of how to make adjustments as she gets older. Emily helped me realise that it is possible to get some reasonable sleep and a good routine going relatively early on. She is lovely to work with and very supportive and we highly recommend her!
Accountant, Southampton

Newborn plan before baby was born.

We worked with Emily to improve our daughters sleep when she was four months old & having had such success returning to Emily when we found out we were pregnant with our son was a no brainer! We booked her months before the birth of our child and Emily devised a newborn birth plan for us. This is our third child and the first time we had help from the outset and what a huge difference it has made! It has given us structure and so much more confidence. Our now four month old son is sleeping through the night thanks to Emily’s tips and tricks which have been so helpful, as well as her gentle but firm approach. We have always found Emily to be very flexible and very approachable whereby she takes into consideration our needs as a family in terms of size, each child’s age and how to make things work for us all as a unit. She is a complete expert in her field and we highly recommend her service as it truly is a complete game changer! Thank you Emily

Simren, London

Newborn plan in advance of baby’s birth.
Emily created a sleep plan for us before our daughter was born. We had some tough, sleepless times with our older son and wanted to try it differently second time round. The newborn sleep plan has been fantastic. Emily’s knowledge of what a new baby needs sleep-wise is excellent. It has been so helpful to know how to set good habits right from the beginning, ‘wake windows’ in particular have been a revelation to me. Caitlin is now four months and goes into her cot awake and off to sleep happily without any of the rocking/cuddling/holding we did with our son. Bedtime is a really lovely time for all of us, something I look forward to rather than dread. She has also started to have more predictable naps in her cot of around 1.5–2 hours meaning she’s a very relaxed and happy baby. Thank you so much Emily!
Myfanwi, Walthamstow/London

Newborn plan in advance of baby’s birth
After helping sort out our 9 months olds sleep issues and change our lives for the better it was a no brainer for us to work with Emily again to do her newborn plan with our next arrival. Whilst daunting, the plan has been incredible in terms of ensuring that this time round sleep is not a stress and at 5 months our son has started to naturally sleep through the night – truly a thing of dreams for us! I would highly recommend to anyone, as a gentle, gradual approach to help your little one learn excellent sleep skills from the start. It definitely makes life easier and having the follow up sessions throughout was so helpful; everyone needs Emily at the end of the phone during the newborn phase 🙂
Kate Barnes/London

A friend recommended Emily to us when our son was born saying that if we ever wanted some help with newborn sleep to let get in touch. Initially I didn’t think we needed it, until we were 3 weeks in and just needed some kind of guidance as we were all over the place! We contacted Emily, I was initially very sceptical thinking that most parents manage without a sleep consultant, but having dived into her practices straight away we were met with immediate relief. Of course newborn’s ultimately mean limited sleep but we were immediately getting longer naps from our 3 week old and had a good guide as to what things to avoid and what habits to get into so we had a good sleeper in the later months. It’s a very gentle way of getting babies into being great sleepers when they’re no longer newborns & can sleep for longer. Our son had a big struggle with getting out of his swaddle once he started rolling and Emily went above and beyond to help us through this, having her there was such a relief to us. So glad we implemented these helpful habits when he was small as it’s now really showing rewards as he’s 4.5 months and we’re close to dropping night feeds. Deffo recommend Emily, she’s great!
Illustrator, Lewis.

Newborn plan for 4 week old baby, sleeping alot during the day in her pram but not at night or in her cot.
Emily was recommended to us by some friends of ours who had great success with their 18 month old. Whilst my partner and I were quite skeptical given Roe’s age, from the very start it was clear that Emily was confident in helping us with Roe’s sleeping routine. Emily was always on hand throughout for any questions we had and was super empathetic to our situation. It’s clear that Emily creates a plan around the couple and their baby, rather than providing a one-size-fits-all approach. The biggest takeaway from the whole thing was definitely the structure Emily provided, and I’m confident that Roe currently wouldn’t be sleeping anywhere near as well without this structure. Bee and I would 100% recommend Emily to friends in future.
Bradley, Cardiff, 4 week old daughter.

Newborn plan for 7 week old.

When we came to Emily we were very sleep deprived and feeling desperate! Our baby was 7 weeks old and already experiencing sleep regression, at that point only sleeping for a maximum of 30 minutes in his cot, not napping unless he was on one of us, and very grumbly most of the day from the lack of sleep!

Bethany, London

Newborn sleep plan for 7 week old
Emily did wonders for my 3 year old, Alice so I didn’t hesitate to contact her about my newborn, Molly, for the newborn sleep plan.
Talking to friends in my NCT group in her first weeks she was doing all the things newborns do – not wanting to sleep in her Moses basket and feeding often overnight. I breastfed with one bottle before bed. I couldn’t implement everything at the start as it took some time for my milk supply to be established. But the bits I could made a difference very quickly.

Vet, Shropshire

Newborn plan for 9 week old.
We have found it really helpful to have you to talk to on these matters and your knowledge and guidance gave us the confidence to teach our baby to self settle, so we are delighted.
Banker, Hampshire

3 month old
We were at breaking point with our 3.5 month old baby’s sleep, he wouldn’t be put down or sleep for more than 45 minutes. So we approached Emily for some guidance. Emily was fantastic, she set out a bespoke training plan, which our baby took to really well. Having Emily’s support made the process a lot less stressful and we would highly recommend her if sleep is an issue. Our baby now self settles to sleep and we have the tools to deal with him if any problems arise.
Gardener, Romsey

3month old

Wish we had contacted sooner!

At 3 months we were close to breaking point and started to look around for some help. Our baby would only sleep in our arms for naps in the day and at night she would only sleep for a couple of hours at a time and once again her favourite place to be was still our arms. In addition she would only go to sleep on the breast and we found attempting to put her down a very long process and majority of the time unsuccessful. She also hated the car and the pram and therefore we were out of ideas to keep sane! If any of this rings true to you, not to fear Emily is here.

Emma, Chichester

3 month old only sleeping while being held.
My wife and I cannot recommend Emily highly enough. She is a real expert in her field and has a tremendous work ethic. More importantly, she delivers result.
My wife and I initially came a cross Emily after we decided to try a sleep consultant to help us with us, at the time, 3-month old boy Z. Since he was born, Z had been unable to sleep anywhere other than in his mother’s or my arms either at night or during naps. My wife and I spent the first three months doing a ‘shift’ system at night where each of us would take it in turns to hold Z for 2-3 hours while the other slept. Eventually, we came to the conclusion this was neither safe nor sustainable.

Lawyer, Winchester.

3 month old
Absolute Game Changer
We came across Emily during a desperate online search looking for help with our 3 month old baby girl. She had reflux, slow weight gain, still swaddled, and was sleeping 24/7 on me and my husband. Not ideal! But we knew we had to do something in order for all of us to get some much needed rest. Emily was very helpful, from the first consultation call right through to the end. She is very knowledgeable and worked with us to provide a detailed sleep plan, with all of the mentioned issues considered.

Ida, Charminster.

4 month old only able to sleep on parents.
We were recommended Emily by a lovely GP I met at a baby group. The advice we had prior to Emily was that ‘one day he will just go down’ so not hugely helpful. Plus we had exhausted everything out there. We tried to stay awake through the day and night so he got some rest taking it in turns when my husband was not working, started co-sleeping (which worked until it didn’t), all the reliable aids also seemed to have an expiration- projector, song, rocking. I was feeding him every hour and he was vomiting from over eating. We were at a loss. Our little boy just stopped sleeping all together in the day and was just so over tired.

Nurse, Southampton

4 month old couldn’t settle to sleep without being held…
I cannot stress enough that Emily has changed our lives by supporting us with the sleep of our 4 month old daughter. From birth Elodie would wake 7-8 times a night and would only sleep if being held. I never would have believed that by night 2 she would be sleeping in her own cot for both night time and day time sleeps, self settling and only waking 1-2 times (feeds needed). Emily is so kind, thorough and supportive, I couldn’t recommend her enough!
Emma, Hiltingbury, 4 month old daughter. (Elodie then dropped all night feeds without any encouragment at 5 months.)

4 month old – irratic sleep, lots of night wakes.
We approached Emily for help with our baby boy’s sleep. He was waking constantly for feeds and seemed unable to settle without support. Emily came up with a clear, workable plan to improve things, and from the first night his sleep dramatically improved. We sleep-trained our first baby ourselves, but this experience was much better.

Teacher, Winchester, 4 month old son.

4 month old, woke frequently each night and couldn’t nap in her cot.
Before we spoke to Emily we were very apprehensive about any form of sleep training. As two doctors we had some strong feelings about certain aspects of sleep training and were not sure if it would be for us. Thankfully we knew several families that had worked with Emily and had great success and we were so exhausted that we decided it must be worth a try.

Doctor, Romsey, 4 month old.

4 month old -frequent night feeds and very erratic naps.
Our 4 month old napped mainly in the baby carrier and was largely fed to sleep…until we spoke with Emily who recognised the sleep associations and broke them quickly. Went from 2 night feeds to none within two nights and I felt happy in her methods. Ever so friendly and excellent communication.
Teacher, Romsey, 4 month old son.

4 Month old baby wouldn’t sleep, mum due to return to work, feeling desperate.

By the time we picked up the phone to call Emily we were running on 4 months of sleep that was broken every two hours for feeding. M, our little bundle of chubbiness had us pacing up and down cradling him or rocking dementedly with him in our arms willing him to fall asleep so that we could finally fall gratefully into our own bed.

Simone, Southampton, 4 month old son

4 month old
Emily support is COMPLETELY LIFE CHANGING!!!! At 4 months our daughter would only sleep on me and it would take a lot of tears and rocking to get her to sleep. She was waking every hour through the night needing to be rocked or held to fall back to sleep. It was exhausting, draining and we couldn’t see a way out. Then we found Emily and now our daughter sleeps completely independently and through the night EVERY night!!

Beth, Cardiff

4 Month old
I can honestly say that working with Emily has changed our lives completely. I have to say I never realised babies needed help learning to sleep and I know my husband thought initially we could manage on our own, but he now also sees how much we did need Emily’s help and guidance. We had got out little girl into the habit of using a dummy and being rocked to sleep.

Vet, Mold.

4 month old.
Working with Emily took us on such a journey . It has been hard work , but so so worth the effort , commitment and money. Our little girl does not follow the books at all and has much lower sleep needs than average for her age. I would never have had the confidence to work this out myself – she’s a very happy baby, rarely tells us when she’s tired , and as first time parents we were lost ! Naps and bedtime were a battle , but now she is learning to enjoy this routine, settles very easily and has good quality sleep most days . This has been a weight lifted for me, having felt totally bogged down and a little bit trapped by sleep . Emily was always supportive , never lost faith even if I did at times, was gentle and kind and truly worked with us as a family. I felt our emotions and wishes were respected alongside steering us in the right direction for success . We can’t thank Emily enough for her hard work and her dedication towards good sleep, happy babies and happy families “
Vet, Rural North Wales

TWINS! 5 months old
We can’t thank Emily enough. We have identical twin boys (born at 29 weeks) and were slowly losing our minds through sleep deprivation – seeing every hour of night and having the boys tag-teaming naps during the day. Emily took the time to understand us and our boys, and designed a robust, bespoke plan for us. This plan provided us with a routine and the structure we desperately needed but was also flexible enough that we could still enjoy life outside of the house. She held our hands through the process and answered the many questions we had. (Sorry Emily for using you as my therapist!). Emily helped us better understand sleep, what cues/ responses to look out for and supported us to see how small changes can make a big difference. We now feel equipped with the knowledge and confidence to adapt the boys’ routines as their sleep needs develop. Thank you Emily!

5 month old
I started our consultation with Emily by telling her that I was worried that our 5month old baby would be the one baby that she wouldn’t be able to help. We were in a very desperate situation and after having a very reassuring first chat with Emily, I was counting down the days until we could start working with her. Implementing the changes to our routines was tough and we found we were adrenaline filled trying to get it right. Our little boy protested, as you would expect, for the first few nights and it was really hard. He was used to waking every 40mins and being fed back to sleep so this was a brand new experience for him. He made some super progress though and it made a huge difference to our days getting so much more sleep – the difference in our son was very obvious. We then hit a really hard time with his reflux and needed some support from a paediatrician. Emily was unbelievably understanding and supportive of this and helped advise us on how to support our little boy’s sleep through this tricky time. We found that he took longer to get the hang of daytime sleep in his bed (rather than a moving pram) and this has taken more hard work and patience. Again, Emily provided so much carefully tailored support and was so kind and understanding when I was finding it really tough. Our little boy has improved so much with his napping now and once again, the difference we notice in our little family is massive. Emily has taught us a lot about how sleep works and I now feel so passionate about advising other parents to seek help to sort out sleep issues.
Teacher, Wickham

5 month old
We contacted Emily a few months ago when our little girl of 5 months wasn’t sleeping for longer than and hour or two at night. We had enough of Rocking and pacing the room all night long, so expert help was required.

We spoke to Emily on our initial call and she built us a bespoke plan to help sort the issues. We started it on that Friday and by the Monday we had a baby who was sleeping almost through the night with 1 feed. We were in total shock!! The first few nights were a little hard going but completely worth it and after 1 week she slept through the night for the first time.

We kept in touch with Emily throughout on WhatsApp updating nap times and sleep times and she always came back with helpful tips.

I would highly recommend Emily to anyone who is having sleep difficulties and if we ever need help again we will be straight on the phone.Thank you 🙏
Oliver, Hamble

5 month old

We were at breaking point with our baby’s sleep when we first contacted Emily. Our 5 month old baby, James, had never settled himself to sleep, and his night wakings were increasing. He was being fed back to sleep up to five times a night and would only sleep in the pram for naps –  and even that wasn’t always working. Pushing a pram around for four hours a day on an hour or two of sleep was simply not sustainable and we needed help! The advice from books and websites was often contradictory and didn’t give us the tools we needed to do the job. From the start, it was clear that Emily had the knowledge and understanding we needed. She is compassionate and generous, and thanks to her tips that were on none of the websites, we saw improvements before we had officially started our plan. Emily showed us that James was more than ready to settle himself to sleep, which he now does every night. Her support over the two weeks was amazing as she analysed our sleep logs and gave us specific advice each day. James now only wakes for one night feed and naps in his cot are improving. He is a happier baby and we are all getting a lot more sleep!

Sheena, Southampton

13 months later Sheena contacted me to book a ‘Newborn Plan’ as she was expecting another baby and wanted to avoid the sleep problems she had experienced with James, and said ‘I can honestly say that the sleep plan you provided for James all those months ago was the best thing we did for him in his first year, and his sleep has remained excellent ever since, even when we are away from home.’

5 month old,
We contacted Emily when our son was five months old. We had been experiencing a deteriorating sleep pattern since around 9 weeks. Emily kindly fitted us in before Christmas which was an absolute godsend. From her initial call I found her very approachable, kind, clear and professional. She immediately diagnosed our issues and we then had a very comprehensive call with her to talk through our sleep plan – the first night was very traumatic however Emily was on hand (on a Sunday morning) for a call to reassure us and help us prepare for the next evening.

Emily, Bristol.

5 month old TWINS, had to be cuddled to sleep, frequent night wakes, very short naps, whole family tired and cranky! Slept through on night 3!
Where to start…. Emily really is magic. We were at breaking point with our 5 month old twins when we contacted Emily. Both were waking multiple times during the night and would only nap in the buggy. Safe to say we were absolutely exhausted. After speaking to a couple of consultants we instantly felt Emily was the right fit for our parenting style. We had a 2.5 hour consultation and started Emily’s plan the next evening. By night 3 our twins slept 7pm-7am and have now done this consistently for 2 months.

Martha, London

5 month old, reflux, bed-sharing by desperation, needed rocking for prolonged periods to go to sleep and go back to sleep at frequent night wakes.
We contacted Emily after living off a few hours sleep every night and no longer feeling like we could function.After our 20 minute consultation we felt at ease and chose to use her straight away.She explained there will be crying and unfortunately Leo cried a lot! However Emily was incredibly supportive and we spoke to her every day and she helped us tweek timings to make it more suitable for Leo. It was a not a one size fit all plan. It was specifically catered for us.Leo slept through on the first night, he now goes down without crying and we are working on extended naps.It was harder work than we expected but Emily supported us through the whole process.
Stevie, Bedfordshire.

5 month old, could only fall asleep on the breast or in a cuddle, waking hourly for night feeds. Only napping ‘on’ parents.

Emily has been absolutely fab and I would highly recommend her to anyone struggling with getting their babies to sleep through the night as well as the daytime naps.

Sim, Twickenham, 5 month old.

5 month old
I would recommend Emily to anyone looking to improve their child’s sleep, whether parents are at crisis stage like we were or even for parents wondering if things could be better. Emily really listened to us and understood the complexities surrounding our baby’s sleep, our 5 month old was feeding all through the night but clearly uncomfortable for it (reflux had also been a problem from the start). We were nervous about starting sleep training due to any upset caused to our baby but on the first night, she responded so well. Far less tears than on a normal night and about a third more sleep than she had ever had! Emily was responsive to queries and concerns throughout the training and we felt fully supported. We’ve come a long way with Emily’s help and can see the difference that adequate sleep has made to our daughter. Negotiating naps remains a bit of a challenge but we may call on Emily for further support.
Emma, Sheffield

Feedback after just 6 days of following the sleep plan

We are really happy with the progress he’s made so far under your advice, compassionate support, humour and understanding! We’ll keep up the work and hopefully we’ll see more improvement overnight. The sleep he gets now – both in the day and night – is amazing given where we were last week.  (he is proving himself an increasingly excellent self settler when wind is not troubling him and you were quite correct to identify his inner genius (roooooooooaaaar! tiger mum!)).

Thanks for all your help we’re SO GRATEFUL!

Radiographer, Southampton, 5 month old son

Co-sleeping ‘by desperation’ with 5 month old baby.

We had been having real difficulty from an early stage helping our baby boy Teddy sleep. He suffered quite badly with reflux which meant that he was unable to lie comfortably on his back as it exacerbated his symptoms. Many a night was spent taking it in shifts to have the baby sleep on our chests, this of course meant we didn’t sleep a wink. For the rest of the time he bed-shared with me, where he mostly slept on his side as this seemed to help keep his reflux in check. Teddy also suffered with a lot of wind and we spent a lot of time trying to help him get rid of it in the wee small hours. The bed-sharing was wonderful, but it meant that every time he woke so would I. Then, when he cried the only thing to help him (and me) get back to sleep was to breastfeed him. I was exhausted, and our baby was pretty cranky a lot of the time.

Research Manager, Southampton, mother to 5 month old son

5 1/2 month old who would only sleep on the breast.
Our 5 month old was in the habit of only falling asleep on the breast due to a bad start with colic and reflux. I, as mum was exhausted from lack of sleep as she would wake often to feed back to sleep at night and wouldn’t nap at all in her moses basket during the day, only on me.
Emily was very understanding and explained the reasoning behind our daughter’s behaviour and how to move forward and prepared a sleep plan which was very clear and concise.

Secretary, Chandlers Ford

5 month old – feeding to sleep, frequent night wakes and only napping in arms.
We turned to Emily after our 5 month son was waking every couple of hours through the night and struggling to nap unless we cradled him in our arms. From the initial call Emily gave us the confidence that with her guidance we would be able to help Jonah self settle. He had a lot of sleep associations which were removed almost instantly and as a result the first few days were tough. But Emily was there to support us throughout and we are able to communicate with her daily.

Teacher, Winchester, 5 month old son.

6 month old
If you’re debating starting this please do not hesitate!! It’ll change your life….

Our daughter (6 months) would only ever go to sleep by us rocking her ( this could take sometimes up to 40 mins). Once asleep she would only last a maximum of 30 mins in her cot before waking again, and generally wouldn’t go back off even if we rocked her again. We would have the occasional wake in the night, this would have to be resolved by a feed or rocking again.

She took to the training so well, by the first full day she was soothing herself to sleep and sleeping longer than 30 mins, each day of tweaking her wake windows we got to the perfect routine for her. We had a minor blip towards the end of the two weeks, but Emily stuck with us until we were completely happy. She now has two naps a day of 1.5 hours in the morning and 1.5/2 hours in the afternoon and no wakings through the night. This has also massively improved her mood, as she was so overtired previous to this training.

Emily also gave us some tips on our 3 y/o who was in a pattern of waking at 5.30am following on from sickness…this has also worked!

Emily is extremely knowledgable, helpful, patient and just a lovely lady! 😊 we are so pleased that we have a better structure to her sleep and well rested, happy baby! It’s worth every penny…..Thanks again Emily! x
Natalie, Southampton

6 month old
We have had the pleasure of working with Emily recently for our 6 month old girl Lula.
Lula was consistently waking every couple of hours during the night for feeding, co-sleeping to settle and contact napping during the day which left me no time for myself and strain placed on our relationship.
Within the third night of the sleep programme Lula slept through without waking or needing feeding in her own cot in her own room. She is also able to self settle In her cot during the day and consolidate her naps for longer periods of time.
I thank Emily for her work with us, consistent messages and phone calls to check in on us and advice throughout the day.
We will definite use her for any future children we may have
Nurse, Bournemouth

6 month old
We contacted Emily the night nurse when our son suddenly started having many night wakes and wouldn’t settle unless he was rocked up us Including naps which he still fought. Emily listened to all our concerns and we had a lovely consultation of a plan. Yes I was very nervous as this included no dummy. The process to start with was hard work as it meant putting everything into it and focusing my time on his schedule. However it has been very rewarding to see our son now self settle, no dummy, no more night feeds, no night wakes screaming, better morning waking times, better naps through the day and him hes now having all his milk and not being fussy. Emily was avaliable everyday to adjust anything that needed. Emily is very knowledgeable and on hand when we needed her. She has really changed his sleep needs for the better. We also have a better understanding of his sleep needs. Highly recommend Emily and will have her on hand if we need her in the future.
Teaching Assistant, Southampton

6 month old, feeding to sleep, and back to sleep at frequent night wakes, napping only in pram. 3rd child.
There are so many lovely things to write about Emily.
Emily is absolutely incredible at what she does and I have been recommending her to anyone whose baby does not sleep well!
I liked the fact that she would follow our lead in terms of whether we went through the sleep plan gently or as hard as we wanted to go. Although there was crying involved it wasn’t what we had imagined in terms of just letting baby cry and walk away. There was structure to the approach so we knew what to do when and it didn’t take our baby long to adjust.

Jodie and Dean.

6 month old, feeding to sleep at bedtime and at her many night wakes, napping only in a sling.
Emily’s service is fantastic. Our baby responded well to her sleep plan and more importantly, Emily would always respond to questions soonest possible. As a consultant, she is very understanding and accommodating, makes adjustments yet firm to ensure goals of the parents are achieved. What I appreciated most about Emily is her effort in taking time to truly understand our parenting style, lifestyle, our baby’s temperament and how she can work with us best with those in mind. She is very easy to talk to. Thank you so much, Emily, for giving such a great service!
Health researcher, Ealing, London.

Difficult naps and waking through the night for feeds.
I cannot recommend Emily’s services enough. I would like to consider myself well informed when it comes to baby sleep. I had read many books (celebrity endorsed and others), listened to podcasts, spoken to lots of other mummy’s and friends about sleep training. Whilst we had made lots of progress with our 6 month old, I wasn’t sure how and when I could drop the night feeds (2-3 times a night) and how to get her to nap longer in her cot during the day.

Doctor, Hampshire, 6 month old daughter.

6 month old baby had never slept through the night

We knew sleep was important but we honestly didn’t realise how important sleep was, to our family of 5, until we went through this process with Emily.

We were helped to discover our baby’s individual sleep requirements which we made a priority for 2 weeks. All our non-essential trips were cancelled. The phone and email support we received from Emily gave us the strength to continue and then, the evidence spoke for itself! Our baby now sleeps for almost 12 hours every night and has 2 established naps during the day. We have resumed our family activities around these daytime naps with ease.

It has been such a life changing process. Thanks Emily for all your hard work and support as we really appreciate it. You were exactly what our family needed!

Teacher, Romsey, 6 month old daughter

Reflux led to sleep problems for 6 month old, he slept though the night within a week…

We have used Emily and her life saving sleep services twice now. Firstly for our daughter Daisy at 20 months old when I was 5 months pregnant and then again when faced with severe sleep deprivation from our 6 month old Barnaby.
Barnaby would happily fall asleep on his own when first born so we thought we were onto a winner. Unfortunately he then developed silent reflux so we go him to sleep in whichever way we could.

Nurse, Winchester, 6 month old.

6 month old could only sleep on his mother, and was breastfed back to sleep every hour through the night. On the first night he slept for a solid 5 hours!
We are so grateful to Emily. Our little boy (6m at the time) went from sleeping on me, nursing on/off through the night and being very grumpy due to constant tiredness, to a happy child sleeping in his own room and feeding just once or twice every night. I never thought it would work, but it did! It hasn’t been always easy, but the difference this has made to our lives has been amazing. Thank you so much for your help and support Emily!
Veronika, Southampton, 6 month old son.

6 month old waking every 40 minutes through the night, needing to be rocked/fed to sleep again and again…..
I can’t recommend Emily enough. I was incredibly anxious about Billy’s sleep and thought there was no way he’d ever sleep, he was born nearly six weeks prematurely and we also have a two yera old to contend with. I was worried about them waking eachother up, as well as a million other new mum concerns but every step of the way I have felt Emily has armed us with the right information and tools to get Billy to sleep well. Before Emily helped us Billy would wake every 40 minutes through out the night and would only be rocked/fed back to sleep and within a week Emily transformed our household and everyone’s finally getting some sleep. And on a personal level Emily has been so kind and full of warmth. She has gone above and beyond and is absolutely wonderful.
Journalist, Southampton, 6 month old son.

6 month old waking and feeding through the night, very short naps.

We approached Emily when our little one was 5 months old. Being our third we thought we would have sleeping sussed but this proved not to be the case! Every little one is different and we had got into bad habits as we didn’t want to disturb the eldest two at night. Our little one was feeding at least four times a night, didn’t have regular naps and had never napped in her cot.

Charlotte, Winchester, 6 month old daughter.

 6 month old baby had never slept through the night, short naps, hard to settle and lots of night wakes.

We were having a lot of trouble with our 6 month old daughter – she wasn’t napping well, she wasn’t settling easily at night and she was waking every couple of hours at night. Within a couple of days (of following the plan), she was napping and sleeping through. Emily gave us the confidence to allow our daughter to settle herself which worked really well. My husband was sceptical initially but after meeting Emily, we both got on board and are now getting so much more sleep than we have done in the last 6 months.

GP Trainee, Hampshire, 6 month old daughter

6 month old bed-sharing, waking and feeding back to sleep at night, short naps.

Emily has advised us in relation to our (then) 18 month old and more recently our 6 month old. Both were terrible sleepers who were getting worse and worse. Tired dad; worn out mum; and kids who sometimes only slept an hour at a time and cried, a lot.In both cases and with only 10 days of gentle sleep training – no letting them cry it out – we ended up with children who go straight to sleep and then sleep through the night for 12 hours. And they’re still doing it – our 18 month old is now approaching 32 months. Astonishing; but true.Can’t thank Emily enough. She is on hand throughout by email and phone and because she knows her stuff so well, Emily gives you the confidence to do something which, yes, really does work.

Matthew, Winchester, 6 month old.

6 month old.
Emily has transformed our little girl’s sleep completely! At 6.5 months our daughter has gone from sleeping every night in our bed and waking every two hours to settling herself to sleep and sleeping 11-12 hours in her cot! That was all in 2 weeks which I honestly did not think was possible.

Lauren, London

6 month old
When we first spoke to Emily we had been struggling for about 2 months following the dreaded 4 month regression. She offered loads of advice over the phone and wasn’t pushy for us to sign up with her but kind and respectful. When we eventually signed up a month later we had already been following her advice but clearly had a tricky baby on our hands! Emily spent her time really listening to us and adapting all plans and routines to work with our family. She understood our needs and everything was backed up with explanations as to why something was suggested. She had warned us it would be tricky but assured us that it would work – she was not wrong. It was tough for a couple of days but we eventually got a baby who slept! We were able to have contact every day and she was able to tweak and modify our sleep schedule daily. The skills we have learnt since seeing Emily are life changing and we would recommend her to anyone who needs a helping hand with sleeping babies!
Nurse, Chandlers Ford.

6 month old
Emily has been a pleasure to work with, she is professional, knowledgeable, thorough, so understanding and delivers results! Our 6-month-old was waking up to 7 times a night and could only get back to sleep by having a feed. By night three the night feeds had stopped all down to the excellent advice and support received from Emily. Our baby was self-soothing and already starting a good sleep routine, we couldn’t believe the speed of results. Emily set us out a structured sleep plan after discussing our expectations and family dynamic to ensure we were totally happy with it. As we were following Emily’s advice we stuck to the plan and supported each other through the process which made it easier. Emily communicated with us throughout the process. When we started the sleep training our 2 year old had just started having unsettled sleep patterns and Emily gave us excellent advice and tips on how to overcome this and he too is back to sleeping a full night through. Can’t thank you enough Emily!
Anne, Birmingham, 6-month old

6 months old
Working with Emily has been the best money we’ve ever spent.
We had been struggling with our sons sleep ever since he picked up a chest infection at 2 months old which lasted for 2 months. The only way he could sleep was on me if I was sat upright, once he could lay back down he needed me to feed him to sleep and wouldn’t go into his own cot, so I was trapped. I was going to bed with him at 6:30pm leaving no time with my husband or 7 year old daughter. This lasted for 6 months! I had reached breaking point.
We were given Emily’s details through a friend and the whole experience was amazing. Even from the initial 30 minute call I knew she was the right person to help us. The sleep plan Emily wrote for us was easy to follow, I won’t lie it was really hard work, the first night I was in charge I sat in the next room crying, but by my 2nd night I felt much more in control. I would say with hard work and perseverance our son had really good sleep skills by a week and half of training. I couldn’t believe it, I still can’t believe it now.
He’s now 8 months and he’s started to wake up at 5:30am which is far too early, I’d forgotten that Emily had sent us a plan for the future with ‘when sleep goes wrong’ and with a few tweaks in his daytime naps we are back to a good wake up time.
We would highly recommend Emily to anyone who is struggling, she’s incredibly easy to talk to, extremely knowledgeable and the 2 week support that she offers made all the difference.
A huge thank you from all of us, I now feel like I am now in control and have my life back
Bridget. Hampshire.

7 month old.
I was very skeptical at first with all these sleep training methods/consultants. However, I am very grateful after having approached you. From beginning till end, we are grateful for the support you gave us and for the confidence you instilled within us. We now have a well rested baby who sleeps through the night. Our son seemed a lot more challenging and took longer than usual to adopt good sleeping habits, however you supported us throughout this time. We did have some obstacles, but once again your expertise and support showed throughout. We are a much happier family now, thank you so much!
M.S. Blackburn

7 month old

We had no hesitation in contacting Emily about sleep training our son as her plan worked wonders with our first son and changed our lives. We booked an overnight visit and Emily arrived early to discuss the plan thoroughly and answer any questions that we had. Emily is always incredibly kind, caring and generous with her time. She truly cares about helping families. She helped us to implement the sleep plan for the first time and having her there next to us gave us the confidence to follow through. Amazingly our son actually slept through the entire night on night one.
She included 2 weeks of follow on support and was always on hand to help us and answer our multitude of questions. We never felt alone. Our sons sleep has been completely transformed and we can’t thank Emily enough for her support. I would have no hesitation in recommending Emily to anyone struggling with their babies sleep, your life will be transformed
Maria, Portsmouth

7 month old
We first contacted Emily in February after yet another night of our then 7 month old waking up every 2 hours and not settling until one of us was cuddling her. We were at our wits end and felt helpless and exhausted, especially as we had a toddler to look after as well.
From the start Emily was compassionate and understanding. I was quite nervous about the process but Emily was very supportive and listened to my worries. She was so thorough; every day we contacted her with information about how our little one had slept during the day and night and she advised us on tweaking the timings / lengths of her daytime naps until she was sleeping through the night. The whole process took almost a month but with Emily’s help she then began to sleep from roughly 7pm – 6am every night. It was so reassuring to know Emily was always a phone call or text away if we had had a bad night. We felt so supported and like Emily was truly invested in getting our little one to sleep well. Since the process finished we have noticed our little girl is so much happier and easier to comfort as she is actually getting the sleep she needs.
We would definitely recommend Emily and are so grateful to her for giving us all the help and encouragement we needed during a tough and emotional time. Thank you!
Sarah, School Nurse.

7 month old
Emily was recommended by a work colleague and we contacted her to help us with our daughter sleep. Our daughter (7 months) was only falling asleep in our arms (bouncing on an exercise ball) and would have multiple night wakings and her naps were also very inconsistent and really short. She would also wake up immediately or 5/10min after we put her down in her cot. It reached a state where this was not working anymore for our family and especially for our baby as she was not having much restorative sleep.
The consultation with Emily was very helpful and we were able to ask questions and discuss options in regards to the plan to put forward. A gentle approach was very important to us and we wanted to be able to comfort our daughter if needed. After the first day we started seeing changes however after a few great days our baby had some teething issues and then a cold which made it even more helpful to have Emily’s support and help to troubleshoot and adapt. After the all process we can say that our baby is now sleeping much better, for longer periods of time and we got rid of the exercise ball as she now falls asleep independently in her crib.
We are very thankful to Emily for all of her help and support especially during the teething and cold!
Thank you Emily!
Clinical Psychologist, Southampton

7 month old
Emily had been recommended by most of our friends and family by the time we needed her help! Her support was invaluable in helping our seven month old to sleep through the night. Her plan was very clear and she responded to (multiple!) questions very quickly. We found the process to be much better than we’d dreaded and are all sleeping much better now. Emily is friendly and approachable which makes her perfect for this role. Thanks Emily!
GP, Romsey

7 month old
From our very first meeting with Emily, I knew that we were in safe hands and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Our sons sleep went rapidly downhill after going through the dreaded 4 month sleep regression. He would only nap while being held by his mum and even then, daytime naps were very hit and miss. He would wake instantly if we tried to put him down. He had gotten into the habit of being nursed to sleep at night, waking 7/8 times at the worst period wanting to be fed. We were all completely exhausted as a result and things became unbearable.

Teacher, Portsmouth.

7 month old
We approached Emily following a recommendation from a friend to address several sleep issues with our 7-month-old boy which included night-time waking, poor napping and a feed to sleep association. We were apprehensive about the process, not wanting to cause any undue distress to our little boy yet we knew our current situation was unsustainable. Emily took time to patiently explain the process and was on hand throughout to guide us. We saw some great improvements initially but had a tricky few days where progress was hampered by teething issues and colds.

Hannah, Southampton

7 month old, only breastfeeding to sleep.

Wow. This is the best and possibly most important investment we have made for ourselves as well as our son, Emily is kind, gentle and understanding. Her plan was tailored to our family and circumstances and what we wanted to achieve. We saw a huge improvement within a couple of days and Emily was always there for reassurance and further advice. I would highly recommend.
Vet, Hampshire, 7 month old son.

7 month old with many night wakes and 30 minute long naps. 
Life changing. Best two words to describe our experience with Emily. We did an initial round of free sessions with a few sleep consultants and the decision was easy to make due to Emily’s professional, caring and empathetic approach to our problem – our 7 month old baby was struggling with sleep from 4 months onwards – 1-5 night waking and no more than 30mins naps. After deciding to work with Emily we went through a long but extremely valuable zoom call which led to the definition of Fiona’s sleeping plan.

Duarte, Winchester

7 month old son, only settling to sleep on a breast feed, needing multiple feeds through the night and sleeping ON mum for all naps. Slept through on Night 2!
Thanks Emily, you’re a star! I was recommended Emily through my mother-in-law, she is an angel sent from heaven!
I am so thankful for Emily’s help as she has really changed our life for the better. Emily listened to everything I said about my son and our family and tailored a plan to suit us.

Alice, Havant, 7 month old.

7 month old – waking every 1 1/2 hours. 
I am not sure where to begin with our journey with Emily, it has been such a rollercoaster! Well, firstly I will mention straight away Emily came across as such a nice gentle person, I really got a feel for her personality and her warmth which is a very good feeling to have straight away. Our little boy Teddy was coming up to 7 months at the time; we had been very hands on and did a lot of kangaroo care with him. He did originally sleep up to 3-4 hours at a time as a newborn which I could cope with, night wakings to breastfeed, I was completely prepared for – what I was not prepared for was the 4 month stage.

Poppy, Lincoln

7 month old woke hourly for night feeds. Slept through on night 3!

Our seven month old son had never been a “good” sleeper. At just shy of six months old, we decided to try and transition him into his own cot – to no avail. When he cried, our immediate response was to comfort him, either by breastfeeding or cuddling/rocking him to sleep – we didn’t even realise that we were creating ‘sleep props’ for Sebastian which he had become reliant on to fall to sleep. Even when he did eventually drift off, the second we tried to place him in his cot – all hell would break loose and we would be back to square one. We resorted to bringing him into our bed with us, and he would feed almost hourly. It began to take a real toll on every aspect of our lives – our relationship was suffering, our moods would be low through sheer exhaustion and I decided enough was enough.

Katherine, Hedge End, 7 month old son.

7 month old, multiple night wakes and short naps….
Before we began working with Emily, our baby was relying on various sleep aids to get him to sleep – swaddle, dummy, feeding and rocking. Without these he struggled to stay asleep resulting in bad naps and a number of night wakes. I’m not a good sleeper and the bad sleep was really affecting me and I wanted it sorted before going back to work. Emily gave us the tools and the confidence to tackle all Rafferty’s sleep issues.

Hannah, Romsey, 7 month old

7 month old, waking every 20-40 minutes at night, taking a huge amount of work from parents to get her back to sleep.

Hi Emily,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you’ve done to help us with Rosie’s sleep. I feel so much better, have more energy, no headaches or fuzziness. I still can’t really believe Rosie falls asleep without being fed or rocked or being on my shoulder while I lay still in our bed awake all night! No more waking every 20, 30, 40 minutes all night long! We’ve dropped the night feed and early morning feed and I have so much more confidence about knowing what Rosie needs.

Becky, Fair Oak, Hampshire, 7 month old daughter.

7 month old needed to be fed back to sleep several times a night.

Emily is amazing!!! She was helpful, considerate, knowledgable and very accessible. We very much appreciated her holistic approach & would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone considering help with their child’s sleep. Her input was truly transformative. She listened & understood our sleep issues & devised a plan that we felt comfortable with. She was very responsive when we had questions & her availability to answer questions & deal with issues on a daily basis was outstanding & helped to give us confidence in following the sleep plan agreed. Our thanks to Emily for all her support!

Lyn, Winchester, 7 month old daughter.

Many night feeds and impossible naps.
We were at breaking point with our baby’s sleep when we first contacted Emily. Our 5 month old baby, James, had never settled himself to sleep, and his night wakings were increasing. He was being fed back to sleep up to five times a night and would only sleep in the pram for naps – and even that wasn’t always working. Pushing a pram around for four hours a day on an hour or two of sleep was simply not sustainable and we needed help! The advice from books and websites was often contradictory and didn’t give us the tools we needed to do the job. From the start, it was clear that Emily had the knowledge and understanding we needed. She is compassionate and generous, and thanks to her tips that were on none of the websites, we saw improvements before we had officially started our plan. Emily showed us that James was more than ready to settle himself to sleep, which he now does every night. Her support over the two weeks was amazing as she analysed our sleep logs and gave us specific advice each day. James now only wakes for one night feed and naps in his cot are improving. He is a happier baby and we are all getting a lot more sleep!
Sheena, Southampton, 7 month old.

Baby had just started sleeping through the night but still couldn’t nap…
Can thoroughly recommend Emily to anyone struggling with dayand/or night sleep. We’d never have cracked it without her; our 7 month old is so much happier in the afternoon now she’s well rested.
Doctor, Nottinghamshire, 7 month old.

7 month old had never slept through the night, ‘awful’ naps, bed-sharing.

When we started our plan George was just over 7 months old, waking 6-8 times a night and feeding every 2-3 hours. naps were erratic and anywhere except his cot! He was grumpy and grizzly when he was awake, restless when he slept and heatbreakingly upset when he woke up.

I hadn’t really appreciated how sleep deprived we all were, George had never been a ‘good’ sleeper, but things escalated after he had been poorly for a few weeks. Our lives suddenly revolved around trying to catch up on sleep, we started missing our baby groups, our social life disappeared, we seemed to be in permanent bad moods and housework was non-existent!

Cat, Bishops Waltham, 7 month old son.

5th baby had never slept through the night, slept though on Night 5 of her Sleep Plan aged 7 months. 

When I had my 5th baby 13 months ago, I thought that I had enough experience to deal with any sleep issues that may arise.
I was proved wrong! My daughter, still breastfed at 7 months, would not sleep more than 90 minutes at a time and would wake 5-7 times every night.  I tried everything that worked with my other children, but I could not break the cycle.  My husband is a lorry driver working 14 hour days, so I always did the nights on my own.  I was absolutely exhausted and didn’t know where to turn.  My friend told me about Emily and the very next day I contacted her.

Jodi, mum of 5, Andover

8 month old, feeding to sleep and back to sleep all night.
We cannot recommend Emily enough. I was co-sleeping with my little one feeding 15 times a night and neither of us were getting any sleep at all. I tried 8 weeks of ‘no crying’ sleep techniques from books and online courses and apps and his sleep got worse and worse and there were tears as he just wanted to be asleep! I was nervous to start sleep training and I really didn’t want to do cry it out. It seemed that there was no half way between ‘no cry methods’ and ‘cry it out’ until we found Emily! Our little one slept better than he had in months the first night and far less upset than I expected (less trauma than being stuck in traffic!). He now goes into his cot happy, wide awake, chats himself to sleep and sleeps all night. We are still in shock and so grateful! Apart from excellent results, Emily was incredibly patient and kind. She really listened to us and tailored our sleep plan to suit our family. 5 stars isn’t enough! Thank you!

GP, Cardiff

8 month old
Emily has been a God sent angel for our family. She came highly recommended from a friend who used the word ‘magic’ to describe what Emily does, and I couldn’t agree more! Our baby used to be up every 40 minutes throughtout the night and would only nap in the day if he was held or rocked. We needed to break this routine before my return to work. I was very apprehensive about sleep training my baby as I couldn’t stand the sight of him crying. We approached Emily with this concern of mine and Emily created a sleep plan for us that we were comfortable with. By the 2nd night our baby was sleeping through the night!! It truly was MAGICAL. Emily’s knowledge and integrity are exemplary, she absolutely knows what she is doing. She goes the extra mile and was available even at odd hours of the day to answer our questions. She not only provides guidance but offers emotional support and an empathetic ear to the concerns of parents and empowers parents to follow the sleep plan. Since our baby’s arrival, getting Emily’s guidance is the best money we’ve spent! She is a magician indeed! We can’t thank you enough Emily!!!
Accountant, London

8 month old
Our little one started off sleeping ok but gradually as she got older it got worse and worse. By 7-8 months she was sleeping in 45 minute blocks, would only be fed to sleep, would not accept dad at all during the night and we were all exhausted. During the day she would only contact nap on me which was just not practical with a 4 year old at home and she was just not getting enough sleep. Emily started off by explaining the process by which we would help our baby learn to go to sleep on her own and made sure we were all happy with the plan before we started.

Vet, England

8 month old had to be fed to sleep and could only sleep for an hour at a time.
I contacted Emily out of desperation as our 8 month old son wouldn’t sleep longer than a hour at a time through the night. He had got into a habit of falling asleep on me whilst being fed. Emily was full of empathy and knew from experience exactly how desperate I had got for a breakthrough. After the free consultation my husband and me were full of confidence that Emily was the right person to help our baby enjoy his sleep and bring some order and peace into bed time & our home. And she did!

Sumun, Peak District, 8 month old son.

8 month old was only napping for 20 minutes at a time, was co-sleeping at night and feeding several times a night.

Emily was a fantastic sleep consultant. At the start of the process, our baby slept in our bed and woke up three to five times a night. Within a couple of days, he was sleeping in his own room and through the night. The important thing for us was the ‘how’. We didn’t want to just let him ‘cry it out’. Emily’s system provided a gentle, kind learning programme to help our son put himself to sleep on his own. Throughout the process, Emily was patient, professional, warm and generous with her time. We couldn’t be more pleased with the service Emily provided us and I would strongly recommend it to every parent who has sleep issues with their baby.

Akshay and Georgie, Dorset, 8 month old son.

8 month old bed-sharing and waking multiples times, only napping ‘on’ a parent.

I cannot recommend Emily highly enough – she has, quite literally, changed our lives !! Our son, Arthur, had been happily sleeping in our bed pretty much since birth – neither myself or my wife were able to put him in his cot and allow him to cry for more than a couple of minutes. Being totally honest, I was very sceptical about the possible success of the sleep program that we were signing up for – but oh how wrong was I, after the 2nd night we were already enjoying time in the evening to eat dinner TOGETHER, chat, watch tv and so on.

Phil, Basingstoke, 8 month old.

8 month old, only falling asleep on the breast, bed sharing by desperation.

Couldn’t recommend Emily highly enough. Our baby suffers with silent reflux and extreme eczema so he had never slept! He rarely napped and co-slept with me, feeding all night long on and off as it was the only thing that settled him. Due to his ailments we formed really bad sleep habits and never thought we would get to a point where he would sleep in his own room let alone all night long and then nap during the day! It has completely changed the way our little one is developing because he is now sleeping and just generally a much happier little boy.
Emily was so nice, supportive and knowledgeable and gave us huge confidence in her process…and for good reason! We can’t thank you enough!

Charlotte, Alton, 8 month old.

8 month old, only falling asleep on breast or by rocking, waking in the night and could only resettle with a feed or by bed sharing. Only napping when travelling or when attached to mum.

We can’t quite believe the transformation we’ve seen in our little one’s sleep. We’ve gone from her waking at least every two hours, ending up in our bed from 4am, and needing to nap on us, to self settling for naps and bedtime, and sleeping 12 hours reliably every night. I genuinely didn’t think this was possible. After nine months of sleeplessness and trying to juggle her naptimes with a demanding toddler, life is so much easier to manage now.

Emily was helpful every step of the way. And she was happy to work with us in navigating our concerns, particularly around making this straight forward for our toddler, and worries I had about maintaining on demand breastfeeding while having a tighter sleep schedule. We were very grateful to have someone there to help us figure out the ups and downs along the way. We just wish we’d done this sooner!

Sarah, Romsey, 8 month old.

8 month old
Emily is magic! We were recommended her by a friend and it’s been one of the best parenting decisions we have made. At 8 months, our little one hadn’t once slept through the night and was still relying on night feeds. On the third night of Emily’s plan our baby slept through for the first time and continued to do so, we couldn’t believe it! Emily is so hands on, we cannot rate her highly enough. She genuinely took the time to get to know our parenting style and our baby which made us confident from the get go that we were in good hands. Thank you so much, Emily 🙂
Francesca, London.

8 month old.
My wife and I were apprehensive about engaging a sleep trainer, but after months of sleepless nights we found Emily online. Our daughter’s sleep had gone downhill after a short illness and she was waking every hour and a half. Emily really is exactly what we’d hoped for from a sleep trainer – she’s incredibly thorough, empathetic and committed to helping parents improve their children’s sleep. I still can’t quite believe it, but our daughter is now sleeping 7pm to 6:30am at night, and naps 10am to 11:30 and 2pm to 3pm (on the dot). I can’t recommend Emily highly enough!
Actuary, Bradford on Avon

8 month old, very broken night sleep and short naps.
Emily came highly recommended to us by a friend who had great success with her own baby’s sleep. I am so happy that we found her and can honestly say she’s changed our lives! Our 8 month old was waking every 1-2 hours and only settling back to sleep with a breast feed. He had become dependent on getting to sleep with a hand hold and often needing me to lie over him to resettle in the evenings. We were exhausted! Before finding Emily we had read several books – we had an idea what we ‘should’ be doing but didn’t know how to put this into practice.

Doctor, Southampton

8 month old
I reached out to Emily in December for our 8 month baby, as I was due to start work in January and couldn’t imagine getting through a work day with our current sleep issues. We have two boys, 16 months apart, that share a bedroom and we suffered with back-to-back sickness (and a holiday) from Sept- Dec, which put us all in a terrible routine, incl. our littlest sleeping inbetween my husband and I every night and needing a minimum of one feed. I couldn’t put the boys down for a nap during the day and was nearly at breaking point.

Pamela, North Hampshire

9 month old
Emily was highly recommended by a friend who had spoken to several sleep consultants and felt that she came out on top regarding the flexibility of settling methods offered.
Emily has a very caring nature and we instantly felt comfortable in sharing our thoughts and concerns with her. It was a daunting task trying to break the feed-to-sleep association in addition to getting our daughter to settle for the night without having to put her down multiple times over 2-3 hours. But with Emily’s help and reassurance, our daughter achieved the goal without the level of resistance we had initially feared. We love the comprehensive guide tailored to our daughter’s needs and are confident in tackling future sleep challenges with various tips provided.
We are very grateful for Emily’s help and support and would recommend her to parents struggling with their little one’s sleep issues.
Jenny, Pharmacist, Bristol.

9 month old, needed cuddling to sleep and back to sleep at many night wakes, the whole family were exausted.
Wow sleep is amazing and so is Emily! Theo was 9 months old when we got in contact with Emily. He had been a terrible sleeper from 4 months and we made the mistake of rocking, music, visual lights and breast feeding him to sleep which caused such a bad sleep association. He was waking up every 2 hours overnight and naps were very short and inconsistent.

Nurse, Bournemouth

9 month old
If you are having any sleep difficulties with your baby I would strongly recommend getting in touch with Emily.
Our 9 month old was waking around 5-6 times a night and each time we would be up with her around an hour. She was also waking up early and would only nap for 30 minutes at a time during the day. We were exhausted and overwhelmed by the amount of advice about sleep on the internet and books, not knowing what to follow for the best and not wanting to dip in and out in case it worsened the situation.

Solicitor, Northampton

9 month old
We cannot recommend Emily enough! I do not know what we would have done without her help, guidance and daily support. We were in a pretty bad place with our little girl then at 9months – she would only sleep for 2-3 hours at a time and couldn’t settle herself to sleep as she had never learnt how to with suffering from colic from 3 weeks old. Emily gave us the tools to help our little girl get the sleep she deserved and give her Mummies the respite at night we so desperately needed. Highly highly recommend Emily she is amazing !
Chantel, Jersey

10 month old
Working with Emily has genuinely been life changing. We witnessed a transformation in our daughter in a remarkably quick time frame which we never thought was going to be possible. Emily was brilliant and was always available for advice and support. She even extended her support beyond the agreed time frame to help us with a few remaining issues with no questions asked. I would highly highly recommend that anyone struggling with baby / children sleep issues seeks Emily’s help. Whilst it might seem like a lot of money, having gone through the process it was actually incredibly good value considering the time and effort Emily gave us.
George, Hampshire

9 months of broken nights and overtiredness...

Emily did a fantastic job of creating and coaching us through a structured program. Within one week of first meeting with Emily, our baby was consistently sleeping through the night. We transitioned from nights of broken sleep and an overtired family, to a new, tailor made routine. One that continues to deliver magic! While you can get plans from books and advice from friends and family, Emily combines the best of both: A service that listens, reassures and adjusts to feedback and results, transitioning at a pace that’s kinder on everyone.

Tim, Southampton

9 month old waking many times each night for feeds, only napping in buggy,
We have a sleeping baby, which is exactly what we wanted! You have to stick to the plan but Emily was very understanding of our family’s requirements and our parenting style. Emily was easy to work with and her availability was flexible to our needs.

Samuel, London, 9 month old.

Mum of 9 month old about to return to work, but no-one was sleeping...

We cannot recommend Emily enough! I was apprehensive about paying for a sleep consultant for our 9 month old however Emily’s sleep plan and support was worth every penny. Within a week we went from a stressful bedtime, repeated night wakes for feeds and hit and miss naps to our daughter sleeping through the night and successful naps. Emily is a fantastic ambassador for dreamnights, she is warm, approachable, patient and you get the feeling that she genuinely cares and wants to help with whatever sleep problem your child is facing. If you are in two minds about whether to contact Emily I would say do it, you will not regret it!

Rachael, Southampton, 9 month old.

9 month old had never slept through the night and needed feeding back to sleep.

“We contacted Emily when our daughter was around 9 months old and still waking 1-2 times a night. I was still feeding her to sleep with no idea how to break the habit without our daughter having a full blown meltdown! We were looking for a kinder way to help her to sleep through on her own, as well as reassurance that we were doing the right thing. Emily worked with us for about a month & by the end, had helped us change her routine so I was no longer feeding to sleep. As such, she quickly learned to send herself back to sleep.

Emily, Surrey, 9 month old daughter.

9 month old only ever fed/rocked to sleep.
Did we want our daughter to have better sleep-definitely! Were we ready for the emotional rollercoaster that ensued…….most definitely not! Even with Emily’s gentlest methods, the training is not for the fainthearted.
We were a feed/rock to sleep family, and our 9.5 month old daughter would sleep anything between 10mins and 120mins at any time of the day without rhyme nor reason. Co-sleeping was a short term solution for coping with the regularity of night feeds so she could feed during the night with maximum comfort, but also for us to catch up with some sleep too. We weren’t completely at the end of our tether, but we were on the ends of either side of our mattress and heavily sleep deprived. Our daughter had started sleeping through the night, in our bed, but her sleep was still broken as she woke for reassuring comfort feeds.

Teacher, London.

10 month old
Working with Emily has genuinely been life changing. We witnessed a transformation in our daughter in a remarkably quick time frame which we never thought was going to be possible. Emily was brilliant and was always available for advice and support. She even extended her support beyond the agreed time frame to help us with a few remaining issues with no questions asked. I would highly highly recommend that anyone struggling with baby / children sleep issues seeks Emily’s help. Whilst it might seem like a lot of money, having gone through the process it was actually incredibly good value considering the time and effort Emily gave us.
George, Hampshire

10 month old
“We contacted Emily as our 10month old was not sleeping and feeding through the night every two hours. Emily listened to our situation and put together a tailored plan that was comprehensive and clear. Emily was a pleasure to work with and our 10 month old now sleeps through the night. We have already recommended Emily to a number of friends and would happily recommend her to anyone with a little one struggling to sleep.”
Nurse, Romsey.

10 month old had been a good sleeper but then became dependent upon feeds to return to sleep with at night wakes.
We are so glad that we found Emily and Dream Nights. Our 10 month old son had gone from sleeping through the night to waking up to 5 times per night. We followed the plan that Emily gave us and sure enough after just a few nights he was sleeping through again. He was much happier and so are we! Emily is easy to talk to and has great advice. We can’t recommend her enough!
Vet, Kent

10 month old
Even though I was barely functioning with wake ups every 90 mins all night long, I was extremely anxious about even attempting to do anything to improve our daughter’s sleep at 10 months old. I was scared of losing the bond with my daughter or of doing emotional damage if I didn’t spend the whole night tending to her every whimper. Emily was very understanding and tailored our plan to be as gentle as possible, and I can honestly say that our bond is even stronger now that both she and I are getting enough sleep. We are both happier and more resilient and as a bonus she is more independent now that she is well rested. The first few nights were testing, but with my husband and Emily’s support we quickly got in to the swing of things. Even now Hazel sometimes protests at being put down for a nap, but within minutes she realises how tired she is and is out for the count!
I find it incredibly liberating to know that Hazel will sleep twice in the day at around the same times, and can plan our days around these.
Emily has been fantastic supporting us both through the initial plan and helping us with suggestions as we travel as a family for work regularly. We used to say that the dishwasher was the best money we’d ever spent, but now hands down it’s got to be working with Emily to sort out our daughter’s sleep! We don’t hesitate to recommend Emily to anyone looking to improve their child’s sleep.
Suzie Cardiff

10 month old, bed sharing and feeding through the night. Slept 12 hours solidly in his cot on first night of the sleep plan!
Life changer I can only say that working with Emily has changed our lives. We were really sceptical at the beginning considering that our son was sleeping with us in our bed, having frequently failing naps (unless I was sleeping with him in our bed), feeding during the night and not able to sleep more of 11 hours in a day. We were worried about the lack of sleep that he was having and we decided that we should contact an specialist to help us with our son sleeping.

Architect, Portsmouth

TWINS 10 months old
TWIN Parents! I can honestly say that working with Emily was the best decision we ever made! Emily was recommended through a friend and I am so glad that I was honest and open with the struggles we were having, putting our twin boys to sleep! There is nothing worse than when other parents tell you that there children always slept through the night (especially when your sleep deprived). We started our journey with Emily when the twins were 10 months old (We wish we had started sooner, had we known).

Sharon, Birmingham.

10 month old waking every hour at night and feeding back to sleep.

Emily has changed our lives! We were slowly going mad with a very stubborn 10 month old, who used to wake up every hour throughout the night, eventually leading to my wife going to sleep with him. We heard about Emily who instantly brought a calm to our sleep deprived lives from our first chat in her positivity (someone else we’d rung was far less encouraging). We stuck exactly to what Emily said to do and it worked exactly as she said it would.

Thom, London, 10 month old son.

10 month old, needed to be  breastfed/cuddled to sleep at night, woke many times a night so co-sleeping by desperation, only napped in car or buggy. 

Emily has changed our lives! She is an absolute pleasure to work with, conscientious, charming and caring. Her planning is meticulous and her support is valued and timely. We now have evenings to ourselves and are getting full nights sleep every night! I would recommend her whole heartedly to all of our friends. We now have time as a couple and well-rested happy children! Thank you Emily

Teacher, Christchurch, 10 month old son.

10 month old with stressful sleep times, difficult naps and frequent night wakes.
Working with Emily to help my daughters sleep was a game changer – not only to get to the ultimate goal we’d strived for 10 months of sleeping 12 hours a night but for taking the stress out of putting her down at naps and bedtime. Having recently been away for a while we are now working on getting our daughter back into routine and a normal sleeping pattern again and having a plan and schedule to work to has helped this process and the jet lag immensely! Highly recommend Emily to all those sleep deprived parents out there! She will change your life…
Kate, London, 10 month old daughter.

10 month old son
For anyone not sure of starting the process it’s 100% worth it. Our baby used to get up every hour or two and now sleeps through the night for a full 11-12 hours. It has totally changed our lives and we wish we had done it sooner.  We honestly cannot rate Emily highly enough! Worth every penny or more!
Chrissy, London, 10 month old son.

10 month old not sleeping,  mum was extremely anxious.
Even though I was barely functioning with wake ups every 90 mins all night long, I was extremely anxious about even attempting to do anything to improve our daughter’s sleep at 10 months old. I was scared of losing the bond with my daughter or of doing emotional damage if I didn’t spend the whole night tending to her every whimper. Emily was very understanding and tailored our plan to be as gentle as possible, and I can honestly say that our bond is even stronger now that both she and I are getting enough sleep.

Suzie Cardiff

11 month old needing to feed through the night to resettle to sleep. Only napping on mum.
“If anyone is thinking of getting help with trying to get their baby to sleep then we would highly recommend Emily. Our little boy hadn’t slept through the night since he was born and I was shortly going back to work so needed him to start doing this. He would also only ever nap with me after I had rocked and fed him to sleep and clearly this couldn’t go on when he was about to be going to nursery/ our parents.

Accountant, Chandlers Ford. 11 month old son.

11 month old waking every 2 hours to feed at night
Emily was absolutely amazing. She found out every single detail she needed to work out the best sleep plan for our then 11 month old. We went from waking 1-2 hourly overnight to sleeping through in a very short space of time. And it was all done incredibly gently with almost no crying. It was just perfect. We highly recommend this wonderful lady to anyone who has kiddies with sleep troubles. She’s magic!
Paediatrician, London

Baby always woke many times a night and needed rocking back to sleep, slept through on Night 1!

We contacted Emily after our 11 month old struggled to sleep through the night waking up multiple times and having 30 minute naps during the day resulting in a very overtired baby. He was also unable to self settle and would require rocking to sleep. After our consultation with Emily, a plan was drawn up which detailed every step of the process. Sebastian slept through the night on the first day of the plan which was incredible for a baby that woke up 12 times a night.

Jo, West Wellow, 11 month old.

11 month old, fed to sleep at bedtime and on all night wakes, sleeping on a parent all night, only napping in the carrier/sling.
We can’t recommend Emily enough. After eleven months of sleepless nights with all three of us starting the day tired, we now get twelve hours of peaceful sleep every night! Emily is extremely knowledgeable and was very patient and understanding with our questions and concerns throughout. I found her dedication and commitment to helping our family get a good night’s sleep remarkable. It felt like Emily was alongside us every step of the way. A huge thank you from all of us!
Emily & Toby, London

11 month old bed sharing by desperation and needed hours of rocking to sleep, mum returning to work a couple of weeks after the Consultation, baby settling into nursery at the same time as sleep training.
I can honestly say Emily has truly changed our lives. For months our 11 month old refused to sleep in her cot and would only sleep if we spent hours rocking her or slept with her.
My husband was quite reluctant to seek help at first but being completely at the end of my tether I found Emily online and she is truly amazing. After just 2 nights we saw dramatic changes, our daughter was no longer needing her dummy and sleeping for 11 hours a night in her own cot!!!

Teacher, London

11 month old, feeding to sleep, bed sharing by desperation.
We reached out to Emily as after 11 months of minimal sleep I was at the point of physical and mental exhaustion. I was distraught at the thought of any kind of sleep training and extremely anxious about our daughter being distressed during the process. I need not have worried as Emily was fantastic and with her support our 11 month old slept in her cot for 12 hours on night three. Wow!

Vet, Newcastle

11 month old
We were struggling with our little boys sleep – night times were a disaster and he had not slept for more than 40mins in a row for a year since birth. Most nights he was waking 10-15 times. Bed times and wakings consisted of feeding, rocking and singing for what seemed like hours. The whole household were feeling the effects of chronic sleep deprivation and no time to ever switch off.
Emily listened to our challenges and gave us confidence that she could help us achieve a significant improvement in a relatively short space of time.

Vet, Berkshire

11 month old
We were recommended Emily by a friend and can’t speak highly enough of her – we would happily recommend her to anyone. We went from an 11 month old waking 2 to 4 times a night to sleeping through and have also been able to introduce a daytime nap. All of this within a fortnight! Emily was very supportive throughout the process, provided some handy tips for future phases and advice on how to overcome potential challenges. Thank you Emily

11 month old
Emily helped sleep train our 11 month old, she went from co-sleeping on my boob most the night, to her own cot in her own room, sleeping through consistently, us being able to put her down and walk away. It really felt like a miracle….my only regret is I didn’t do it with my older two when they were babies….life changing….Emily is kind, empathetic, easy to talk to but firm when she needs to be. We felt very supported throughout the process, would definately recommend. Two months down the line, we have a dream sleeper….touch wood lol x
Ellie, Whitley.

11 month old
Even though a friend recommended Emily to us, we were still a little skeptical at the start about whether she could help our 11 month old son sleep better! I was convinced he’d be the one baby that would refuse to change and only time could help us! He had a strong feed-to-sleep habit and was waking once or twice a night wanting to feed for comfort and would only nap if he was fed. But with Emily’s help, by night four (!!!) he was sleeping through and self settling!

Katie, Somerset.

12 month old
After a year of spending hours getting our baby to sleep then waking every 1-2 hours throughout the night, we didn’t believe that our son would ever sleep through, and we were sceptical when Emily first told us that he would be doing so within just a few days of starting the plan. Added to this, my wife in particular was very anxious at the thought of leaving him to cry and we were both pleasantly surprised that this wasn’t necessary with Emily’s gentle methods. We both feel that she really listened to us and took into account our feelings in order to make the process as stress-free as possible. For over a month now, he has been sleeping through the night and we actually enjoy the bedtime routine rather than dreading it! He is so much happier and more settled now that he is sleeping properly. We couldn’t be more grateful and only wish that we had contacted Emily sooner!
Wesley, Hampshire

12 month old had never slept through the night. Bed-sharing by desperation.
My wife is a psychologist and was extremely sceptical of any sleep training but we contacted Emily in desperation after our daughter was still waking at least every 2 hours at 1 year old. My wife now has completely changed her mind and recommends Emily to all her friends! The results were amazing, our baby only woke up once on the first night and was sleeping for at least 11 hours straight within the first week. This is something we didn’t think she was capable of.

Anthony, Southampton.

12 month old, dependent upon feeding to sleep.
Emily was recommended to us by a friend. We spent the best part of a year bumbling from one day to the next, living with sporadic short naps and frequent night wakes. Isn’t that what life with a baby is supposed to be?… Actually, no.
Despite Christmas being around the corner, we contacted Emily in the hope she could help. She identified a number of strategies, including breastfeeding, that our daughter relied on to fall asleep. Emily put together a bespoke plan to help her learn the skills for independent sleep. We knew this process was going to be emotionally and logistically demanding, and there were times when we questioned if this was the right decision for us and our daughter.
The first few days were incredibly difficult but with Emily’s support and our own dedication, we were amazed at how well our daughter adapted to her new sleep routine. We can see such a positive change in our baby and we are all getting the sleep we desperately need. It has been a real turning point and our family’s sleeping habits are now much healthier. Thank you, Emily.
Craig, Mold.

12 month old unable to sleep without lots of help

Our 12 month old was getting worse and worse at sleeping, both at night time and nap time. He couldn’t go to sleep or stay asleep without us helping him. He wouldn’t sleep more than 30 minutes on his own and was ending up in our bed more often than not. We were stumped as our other 2 children had had their sleeping issues, but nothing as seemingly insurmountable as this. We were exhausted and having tried some strategies without success, didn’t know where to turn.

James, Legal Manager, Hampshire, Dad to 12 month old son

12 month old, needed rocking to sleep, co-sleeping by desperation. Would only nap for 45 minutes. 

Emily has changed our lives!! Our son didn’t sleep at all and with Emily’s gentle approach he now sleeps 11-12 hours a night which is just amazing!!!! Couldn’t recommend her more!! Thank you Emily.

Suzanne, Eastleigh, 12 month old son.

12 month old had never slept through – but did on night 3 of her plan.
Having Emily on board to help with our baby’s sleep has been simply BRILLIANT. Life changing in fact! Thanks to Emily, our one year old baby has gone from having three feeds in the night to happily and reliably sleeping for 12 hours. She also naps for two hours in the day now, in comparison to previously waking through the night and needed feeding back to sleep. Slept through on night 3! Napped just 30/45mins before this help.

Claire, Hiltingbury, Hampshire. 1 year old daughter

12 month old had never slept through the night, co-sleeping ‘by desperation’.

Since my baby boy was born (and since the last few months of pregnancy) I hadn’t had a single night of unbroken sleep. I knew that he should be sleeping through the night, especially after he turned one!!  Being a military family, my husband had been posted away for 4 Months and our older daughter (10) was at boarding school so the baby and I had got in to the habit of sharing my bed and he would wake up several times a night and I would instantly give him a bottle of milk. This meant that he couldn’t sleep unless I was laying with him and feeding him milk so I had no evening and no real rest, I was just going to bed with him and waking up with him. He was clingy and grizzly and I was tired and low. He also didn’t nap unless he was in the car! Looking back now he and I were both completely sleep deprived!

Social Worker and Military Wife, Wales, 12 month old son

12 month old needed back rubs to go to sleep and many night feeds to return to sleep at night.
After a year of our daughter not sleeping in the day and waking 5-6 times a night it got to the point where I was mentally and physically exhausted. I contacted Emily at dream nights and the advice, the support and sleep plan which was tailored to our daughters needs was life changing within the first night of starting it. After 2 weeks of help and following the sleep plan we now have a happier little girl who sleeps in the day and all night, as a result we have a happy home! We can’t thank Emily enough.

Ruth, Wiltshire, 12 month old.

12 month old son, ‘feed to sleep’ association.
Our son Oliver had always struggled with sleep from day 1 in some form or another. Only sleeping on us for the first couple of months and then we got caught rocking him to sleep which was then replaced with feeding him sleep. The regular night waking’s were taking their toll and something we wanted to try to stop when Oliver was a year old. There is so much conflicting advice available in books and all over the internet that we wanted to enlist an expert to put a tailored plan together to match the specific issues we were facing as well as taking into account Oliver’s character and behaviour – no book or blog can do that!

Matt, Hampshire

12 month old son with ‘rocking to sleep’ association.
You are worth your weight in gold. Emily has recently helped us solve our sleep issues with our second. Eli was coming up to his first birthday and as a present to himself and us, I wanted him to have a full night sleep. We were rocking Eli to sleep every night, every night wake and also for naps during the day. This was becoming a task in itself as he grew heavier and heavier and it became less effective. We could be up in the night for up to to hours trying to get him to go back to sleep. And then having to parent a toddler the next day too. This wasn’t good for anyone.

Becky, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

13 month old
Fantastic service, always kind and caring. And within two weeks my little one was sound asleep in her own bed. Would highly recommend
Dog Groomer, Romsey

13 month old
We contacted Emily when our baby girl was around 13 months old. Having suffered a tongue tie and silent reflux Frankie had been held to sleep in an upright position due to suffering a lot of pain when lying down. Given this and the progression into doing ‘whatever it took’ to get some sleep, Frankie was waking up in excess of 5 times a night, requiring settling from us to get back to sleep. We reached the point where this was unsustainable and wanted Frankie to thrive by having a good nights sleep. Emily provided us with a programme that worked for us ensuring we were both working in the same way and provided the accountability we needed to stick to the plan. At times it was difficult and emotionally draining, but Emily provided us with the support to get through it – Frankie now sleeps through the night without waking. Amazing!
Rachel, Engineer

13 month old, fed to sleep at bedtime and at each of the many night wakes.
We cannot thank Emily enough for transforming our lives! In the past I had been dubious about using a sleep consultant, thinking that they would judge my parenting and push for using cry it out methods. This couldn’t be further from Emily or Emily’s approach to sleep training. She knows all there is to know about sleep and will go the extra mile to ensure that your little ones sleep, stopping at nothing.

Teacher, Manchester.

13 month old dependent on parents to be with her to fall asleep and on many feeds each night.
Prior to working with Emily, our 13 month old would only sleep on our bed, frequently failing naps and at night she woke every 1-2 hours for a feed. We were struggling with the interrupted sleep and it was making her irritable and hard to deal with during the day. We worked with Emily for around 2 weeks and now our daughter sleeps in her own cot, in her own room for a full 12 hours at night (7-7)!!! She also has a routine nap at midday and typically sleeps for 1-2 hours. The difference this has made cannot be overstated and it was amazing to have a positive, expert opinion when you’re second guessing yourself. If you are willing to put in the work and deal with a little upset, Emily will get your life back on track!
James, Basingstoke

13 month old still waking for night feeds.
Would like to thank Emily for her support and guidance in helping our girls be better sleepers. We called Emily regarding our 13 month old who never slept though the night was always up and down and still feeding. Always made excuses up for her as she has allergies that it could be as she’s unwell again.

At the same time we spoke to Emily regarding our 2 year old who decided that waking at 5.30 in the morning to start her day was a good idea. Our girls are very close in age 11 months apart and share a room. As you can Imagine every time someone woke we where quick to get them out and remove them from the room before we ended up with 2 children awake in the middle of the night.

Nurse, Eastleigh, 13 month old and 2 year old.

13 month old waking several times each night for feeds, no proper naps at home.

We contacted Emily for our 13 month old son who had not slept for longer than 2 hours since birth. Bedtime was a constant battle and both myself and my husband were exhausted, and the lack of sleep was starting to affect our relationship, our health and our life in general! We had tried everything else, and this was our last option. We were super hesitant about paying for a sleep consultant, especially after lack of pay from maternity leave! But after talking to a friend who had used Emily with her daughter, we decided to go for it. Honestly it was worth every penny! Emily was great and understood our issues. I was dubious how it would work, but by night 3 our son was sleeping through the night, which he had never ever done! We can’t thank Emily enough for everything she did for us, and would totally recommend her to anyone struggling with sleep!

Mary, Southampton, 13 month old. 

(The baby also now naps happily in his cot for 1 1/2 – 2 hours every day)

13 month old’s sleep problems were impacting on the whole family.

If you are reading this at your wit’s end, getting no sleep, and skeptical that anyone could help, Emily can. She has changed our family’s life.

Our baby has gone from between 5-8 wakes-ups a night, not being able to get himself to sleep, and getting progressively worse, to going into his cot, going to sleep, and staying there for 12 hours.

Liz, Winchester, 13 month old son.

TODDLERS (14 months – 2 ½ years)

14 month old ‘fighting bedtime and naps’ 
I’ve had a consultation with another sleep consultant before Emily and I must say I’m impressed by Emily’s dedication to our baby girl. Before we used Emily our daughter (14 months) was waking at 4-5am and wouldn’t go back to sleep. We’d also had to rock, sing, cuddle in order to get her to sleep. I was worried about sleep training with our daughter but she took to it like a champ. She is now able to self soothe herself to sleep and she has a proper routine for sleep. Her sleep has drastically improved!! Emily has gone above and beyond with our daughter. We always say that our daughter is not a typical ‘normal’ baby and even to get her to self soothe and sleep through the night has worked wonders for baby and mom and dad! Thank you so much Emily for your dedication to helping us. We are so grateful to have worked with you and would highly recommend you to anyone having sleep issues with this child.
Faith, Chandlers Ford, 14 month old.

14 month old was breastfeeding through the night and bed-sharing.
After 14 months of co-sleeping, breastfeeding our son overnight and/or shush-patting him back to sleep several times a night we didn’t think he would ever ‘sleep through’ – let alone in a cot, but on the second night of following Emily’s sleep plan he did exactly that and has continued to do so every night for the last two weeks! We are utterly astounded and are finding it very strange adjusting to a new life where he gets himself to sleep within minutes at 7pm and then doesn’t need any parental input until around 6am. We are both doctors and were initially quite sceptical that this plan would work, especially as we had tried so many things with such limited success, but the results have really been amazing.

Nadia and Meher, Newcastle, 14 month old son.

14 Month old, Baby fed to sleep at bedtime and at multiple night wakes, had to leave nursery as he couldn’t sleep there. Slept through on Night 5 of the plan and is now happily back at nursery, sleeping well there.
Emily has helped us to completely turn around our nights! We went from waking up multiple times a night for over a year, to a full night of sleep after a matter of days. He now happily sleeps in his cot in the day and night and settles himself to sleep with no upset. A huge difference! We felt really comforted by Emily’s kind strategy and L consequently took to it really quickly. Being able to check in with Emily daily supported us in being consistent and meant we could ask questions and tweak things when needed. We would 100% encourage anyone in any doubt to get in touch!
Teacher, Romsey.

14 month old woke every hour at night.
Emily is fantastic – totally changed our lives around by following her sleep routine for our 14 month old. Our little one used to wake every hour in the night and we were starting to lose the plot. You would think we had it down to a fine art as we have an older child…. but no! Sleeping problems can arise no matter how many children you have. Emily created a step by step sleeping plan for us to follow which included my eldest as I still had to put him to sleep as well as my baby. The plan was easy to follow and within two weeks we had our evenings back and uninterupted sleep. My husband and I like eachother again now ha ha! Emily is a great support during the training and will text/call when convenient, offering tweaks where needed and other useful tips. I would highly recommend Emily – she’s a sleep magician! Thank you again for all your help.

Police Officer, Hampshire, 14 month old.

Feedback on day 3 from mother of 14 month old.

Thank you so much for all your support, I genuinely never thought anything could help my 14 month old sleep. It had gotten so bad with him needing to be breastfed and held all night that waking up 8 – 10 times had become the norm, my husband was no longer sleeping in our bed as it caused me and him even less sleep, we had to work shifts to get any sleep for more than 1 – 2 hours! But you have been amazing and I’m so happy to say that we are night 3 and he slept for 12 hours! 12 HOURS!! I can not believe it or thank you enough, contacting you has been the best thing we have ever done and my husband and I can actually sleep in our bed again!

Nurse, Fair Oak, 14 month old son.

14 month old son was bed-sharing and waking every 2 hours for a night feed,
With Emily’s help our 14 months old son is now sleeping through every night in his own cot – amazing! And he likes it! He’s not afraid of being in his cot at all, I think he feels pretty grown up : ) I still can’t quite believe it.

Nora, Winchester, 14 month old son.

14 month old had to be rocked to sleep in a car seat frequently through the night and for naps.
Emily provided us with such a significant amount of support and encouragement we never thought anyone could help us with and although we made things difficult for ourselves by using a car seat as a sleep prop, both of our children are now in perfect sleeping routines. We found the scientific explanation of children’s sleep really beneficial too to support our understanding of what was required from us to achieve specific results. We also found the daily contact and discussions very supportive and definately helped us feel more secure with how we were approaching the situation. Could not recommend Emily highly enough and we had a fantasic experience with the service.
Student Nurse, Romsey, 14 month old daughter.

14 month old ‘fighting bedtime and naps’ 
I’ve had a consultation with another sleep consultant before Emily and I must say I’m impressed by Emily’s dedication to our baby girl. Before we used Emily our daughter (14 months) was waking at 4-5am and wouldn’t go back to sleep. We’d also had to rock, sing, cuddle in order to get her to sleep. I was worried about sleep training with our daughter but she took to it like a champ. She is now able to self soothe herself to sleep and she has a proper routine for sleep. Her sleep has drastically improved!!

Faith, Chandlers Ford, 14 month old.

15 month old son, had never slept through the night, was waking many times a night and needing lots of help to return to sleep, bed-sharing.

Emily I want to thank you for your help and support, I never thought I would see the day when James was sleeping through! Since following the plan he now sleeps 2 hours for a nap (or 1 – 1 1/2 in the buggy.) He settles to sleep within 10 minutes of putting him to bed and sleeps through until 6.30 am. Thank you again you are an angel.

Vetinary Nurse, Ringwood, 15 month old son.

Toddler slept through the night but always woke very early.
Emily was fantastic. Her plan (and her support in executing it!) changed our baby’s sleep pattern and stopped his early morning wakes. We are so grateful.
Doctor, Winchester, 15 month old son.

15 month old, bedtime difficulties, night wakes, nap problems
“At fifteen months, our little one was waking, 2 or 3 times a night, then spending the latter half of his sleep in our bed, kicking mummy or daddy into the spare room, and finally waking up between 5 am and 6 am (on a good day!)  For our sanity this was unsustainable. Working with Emily, he soon slept through the night without need for intervention, and with more perseverance now sleeps a solid 11 – 12 hours per night in his own cot and has a good 2 hr nap in the middle of the day. Bedtime is a cinch and there’s no messing about, he goes out like a light and that’s that until the morning.  Emily was on hand throughout his ‘sleep training’ and kept in touch with us until we and she were happy with the results.  There were a few tears in the process, but the outcome is we have our evenings back and most importantly our bed!”

 Simon, Software Engineer, 15 month old son

Difficult/erratic naps and bedtime took forever!
Emily has provided us with excellent support, successfully establishing a workable bedtime routine for our son. We had a several aims when we approached Emily, including improving the bedtime routine and reducing dependence on feeding to sleep, as well as introducing more consistent daytime naps. With Emily’s help, we have achieved these goals. The improvement was almost immediate, within a couple of days he was reliably self settling for naps and at bedtime with a minimum of fuss. We would highly recommend Emily’s services.

Rhian, Cardiff, 15 month old son.

16 month old, the whole family was sleep deprived, slept through on night 3 of his Sleep Plan. 
Thank you so much Emily for all your time and support, I honestly thought that our 16 month old son waking up to 6+ times a night would be something that could never be broken. We had tried everything, I even resorted to sleeping in my sons room for 2 weeks just so my partner could get some sleep. After feeling sleep deprived of having around 4 and half hours sleep, I made contact with Emily. Emily was amazing and set a sleep plan specifically for Ethan, which was so trailer forward to follow. By putting 100% effort into the plan we saw a difference on night one as our son only woke up twice, which was a massive improvement, considering he was teething badly. By night 3 he slept for 12 hours! We couldn’t believe it! I cannot thank you enough, our son continues to sleep a full 12 hours every night and we now have time together as a couple and have a well rested, happy child. Thank you so much Emily your a star!

Nurse, Eastleigh, 16 month old son.

16 month old
Emily completely changed our life for the better, we wish we’d called her sooner! At 16 months our baby would take forever to fall asleep and then wake throughout the night screaming every couple of hours. He always ended up in our bed. We were so broken.
Emily instantly felt like a good friend, full of reassurance that things could change for the better. Emily completed an in depth review of everything from sleep to food and provided us with a routine and plan that would work for us as a family. We sent her a daily sleep log and Emily provided daily encouragement and helped course correct if things went a little off plan. It was like sleep therapy writing those messages.
Sleep improved within a weekend and we cannot thank her enough. I’m going to miss the daily messages.
Graphic Designer, London

16 month old
Could not recommend Emily enough our lives have become a lot easier with a lot more sleep and our little lady is so much happier thanks again for all the amazing advice
Simon, Southampton

16 month old
It was such a joy and pleasure working with Emily. From day dot we knew she had the best intentions for our little girl and we instantly trusted her methods, thinking and advice. From following Emily’s plan, not only did we (quite quickly) manage to improve our little ones sleep dramatically but also, she now sings herself to sleep when going to bed. My husband and I are no longer scared of the nights and have learnt a lot for her future sleep as she gets older. I’d highly recommend Emily to anyone and only wish we’d met her earlier!
Katie, Marketing Executive

Had tried ‘everything’ and nothing worked…
I would highly recommend Emily as someone to talk to at any age and stage about sleep, but particularly if you think that nothing will work for your child! My 16 month girl had never been a good sleeper but we felt like we’d read all the books, tried everything and nothing consistently worked; even if there was some improvement within a couple of weeks she was back to being up for hours in the night again and we had no idea why. Emily was amazing to work with.

Christine, Southampton, 16 month old daughter.

16 month old. Bed sharing by desperation, very early wakes and short naps.
First of all it’s amazing to hear a sleep expert like Emily exists as we didn’t know until my friend recommended her.
Emily will get to know you as parents in a short space of time and tailor a sleep plan to suit your family. It’s a gradual transition so nothing to worry about!I really liked how professional and positive is Emily is every step of the way. She is firm but fair to help you achieve your goals. Emily communicates extremely clearly and always there to coach you through the 2 week plan she has set out.

Teacher, Yorkshire

16 month old.
We have just completed a course with the lovely Emily for our little non sleeping baby and the difference is amazing. I was sceptical at first. Being told the child that has never napped would be napping In his own cot 2hours a day. Never thought it would happen but it has! Not going to lie the beginning was very very hard and I cried as much as the baby did. But it was worth it. I can not believe the difference in him in just a few weeks! Honestly it’s like magic! Thankyou so much Emily
Nurse, Hampshire

16 month old
Emily’s sleep support was lifechaging for our little family. Her gentle methods and supportive messages helped us to feel confident in the steps to help get our little fella sleeping through the night.
After only a week of help, our little guy went from 5/6 wakes a night to a dreamy full 11 hours straight through (even with a cough bug set back).
We achieved all this with minimal tears or stress thanks to Emily. She is incredible!
Headteacher, Winchester.

16 month old
We reached out to Emily when our 16 month old son was waking between 4-6 times a night & taking over half an our to settle back to sleep each time. Nap times were difficult and would take feeding, cuddling and rocking to get him to sleep only for him to wake shortly after. Mornings started very early, any time from 4am onwards and whatever we tried we just couldn’t get him to go back to sleep. Emily was so kind & helpful from day 1 & with a gentle sleep plan Ezra’s sleep improved massively within the first few nights. On night 4 Ezra was sleeping from 7pm-6am! Not only has Emily helped us with Ezra’s poor sleep habits she has has also supported us with all other aspects of our developing child. She really is the whole package and is always on hand when you have a question. I couldn’t recommended Emily enough to any families who are having sleep troubles in their homes. Our only regret was not reaching out sooner! We cannot thank Emily enough for her help & support.
Lottie. Southampton

16 month old
We have just finished Emily’s 2 week sleep programme for our 16 month old son, who was reliant on a dummy and cuddles to get to sleep and was waking multiple times throughout the night. Emily has completely transformed this, within a few nights he was sleeping through until morning. He now waves goodbye to us at bedtime like he can’t wait for us to leave!
I was sceptical at first but what I particularly love about Emily is that she explains the reasoning and science behind things (in a way that everyone can understand), which helped me to trust the process.
Prior to speaking to Emily we had been struggling to agree on the best way to handle the sleeping issues, so one of the many things that was great about Emily is that she gave us a detailed plan to work on which avoided any further disagreements or misunderstandings.
We highly recommend Emily! Our only regret is that we didn’t start this earlier (because there’s always something to feel guilty about as a parent)!
Katie, Bath.

16 month old
We contacted Emily after our 16 month old daughter, Verity, kept having very short naps and was waking up every 1-2 hours overnight. We were just completely exhausted – Verity included.
Emily was incredibly reassuring from the moment we were first in touch and tailored Verity’s plan according to us wanting a gentle approach to changing her sleep habits.

Jenny, Vet

17 month old. Whole family tired and miserable… 
Emily is quite simply an angel! My husband found Emily on a desperate Google search one evening while I was trying in vain to get my 17 month old to sleep!!! We had spent the whole year and a half of his life trying everything to improve his sleep and thought we had tried it all. It could take up to 3 hours to get him to sleep and sometimes wake in the night for 1/2/3 hour periods. We were all massively over tired and pretty miserable!!

Teacher, Lymington.

16 month old
My husband and I contacted Emily when our daughter was around 16 months old. She would sleep decently from time to time, but in general we had struggled with her sleep since she was a newborn. Although she went down easily at bedtime, she was waking anywhere between 1-3 times a night and we were exhausted. I am so happy to report that we now have a toddler who consistently sleeps through the night. Her sleep has been transformed. We saw a change from night 1, which we did not expect! Emily gives just the right amount of encouragement and support. We would highly recommend her. Thank you Emily!
Kate, Norwich

17 month old, sleeping very badly despite bedsharing with parents. Parents reported that their daughter was often unhappy and difficult through overtiredness.
Could not recommend Emily enough, our lives have become alot easier with alot more sleep and our little lady is so much happier, thanks again for all the amazing advice.
Delivery Driver, Southampton

17 month old, Hourly night wakes and short naps.

Emily has quite literally transformed our lives – our only regret is not finding her sooner! Our little 17 month old sleep thief had lots of “props” that meant he was having extremely broken nights and inconsistent naps – being rocked/cuddled to sleep & relying on a dummy being the main culprits. He would wake pretty much every hour all night and want to be held back to sleep again. In the day time he was fractious & upset with sheer over-tiredness, and we just couldn’t sustain both working full time alongside round the clock parenting with such little sleep ourselves.

Anna, Winchester, 17 month old.

18 month old.
We contacted Emily regarding are 18 month year old son who was a poor sleeper since birth. He would take prolonged periods to fall asleep, wake numerous times a night and only go back to sleep with me or my wife sleeping on his floor. After months of feeling exhausted we looked for professional help. From the moment we spoke to Emily she filled me with confidence and showed a real interest in our difficulties. She worked tirelessly with us, taking consideration into our own thoughts and designed us a tailor made sleep plan. After a few weeks the improvements have made a massive difference to our child during the day and night . She is an incredibly kind, caring and empathetic person and her service and work has been first class. We can’t thank her enough and would 100% recommend her to others!!!
Physiotherapist, Cardiff.

5th baby, 18 months old – waking multiples times a night and bed -sharing by desperation.
This Plan Works !!!!!! My 5th Baby and she hasn’t slept through the night since birth…..18 months of sleep deprivation , working , looking after other children and general life I was at breaking point. I was recommended Emily through a FB group and have never come across a sleep consultant before so was slightly unsure. Together with the cost I took a leap of faith AND THANK GOD I DID !!!!!

Nurse, Southampton, 18 month old daughter.

18 month old

Emily was referred to us from a friend as we really were at our wits end with night after night of disturbed sleep and co sleeping with our 18 month in his nursery. His naps had to be in our bed or in a pram and definitely weren’t long enough to get him through the rest of the day. He was reliant on going to sleep in our arms with milk and with a dummy. We were quite anxious and lacked confidence in any avenues to improve our boys sleep as well as ours and to see him as a happier chap in the daytime.

Holly, Dorset

18 month old had to be cuddled/rocked to sleep at bedtime and at her 3-8 wakes each night.
The best money we’ve spent! When we were recommended Dream Nights we were a little sceptical. Our daughter was 18 months old and had never slept well. We knew we had some bad habits in place but it all seemed too confusing to unravel and go it alone. On a good night, our a little one would wake around 3 times, on a bad one it could be up to 8 times. She had never slept independently in the day unless she was in the car. Within 3 days of starting Emily’s programme, she was having 12hrs of uninterrupted sleep a night! It’s quite unbelievable. She’s also sleeping in her cot for her daytime naps for the first time.
We really couldn’t be more pleased. If you are reading this wondering whether to proceed we can honestly tell you that it’s the best money we’ve ever spent. It’s changed our lives!
Craig, Cardiff, 18 month old.

18 month old, breast fed to sleep and many long night wakes, bed-sharing by desperation rather than by choice!
We contacted Emily after previous attempts to sleep train our BF-to-sleep 18 month old all failed. Emily took the time to listen to our family needs and created a plan that suited us. She guided me through cutting out the BF in a gradual way that didn’t upset either me or my daughter, and got my daughter to sleep 11 hours a night after previously waking every 2 hours and co-sleeping.

Sophia, Wembley/London.

Message from parent of a happy 18 month old!
We first worked with Emily when our son was 8 months and waking hourly only settling with feeds. She turned things around for us quickly and hugely educated us about all aspects of sleep. Following surgery and hospital admissions at a year of age we needed Emily’s help again. We had returned to feeding overnight and were struggling to break this cycle. This coincided with my return to work so it was clear that we needed Emily’s expertise to get us all some much needed sleep. Each time we have contacted Emily she has been so supportive and problem solves without judgement. Thank you – I cannot imagine how we would have managed the ups and downs of the past 18 months without you in our lives!
GP Southampton

19 month old, couldn’t settle to sleep at bedtime
I would highly recommend Dream Nights. Our little boy had always been a late sleeper since he was born, and despite trying various things, nothing seemed to work. I contacted Dream Nights and Emily provided us with a comprehensive sleep plan tailored to our little boy. She guided us through the whole thing and after 2 weeks, we saw major changes. Our little boy now sleeps happily in his cot, at a much more reasonable hour and we now have our evenings back again. Thank you very much Emily!
Solicitor, Hampshire.

19 month old, only contact napping and falling asleep on the breast, frequent night wakes and feeding back to sleep. 
We came to Emily at a time of crisis. Our 19 month old was sleeping in our bed and breast feeding through the night, much like a newborn but actually taking longer to settle! All naps were in our bed or in the buggy and I couldn’t ever put him down and leave the room because he’d wake up. It was exhausting and we were so worried we’d left it all too late to rectify. But Emily was so helpful and reassuring right from the word go.

Charlie, London

19 month old waking and then co-sleeping by desperation.
Emily is simply fabulous. we haven’t slept in nearly 2 years and when she started working with our toddler, we finally got to sleep through the night after just THREE days!! We are now two very contented parents. Thank you so much xxx

Aditi, Christchurch, 19 month old daughter.

Difficulty napping and night wakes
I am a new woman! I didn’t consider Poppy (19 months) to be a particularly bad sleeper, until the start date for a new full time job loomed nearer and I was spending at least 4 nights a week awake for 3-4 hours a night. Emily came to my rescue with her gentle approach and has turned things around within 2 weeks. Poppy now naps regularly and sleeps for 12 (or more if I sleep through my alarm) hours each night. I couldn’t recommend Emily more.

Emma, Romsey, 19 month old daughter.

Co-sleeping with toddler ‘by desperation’.

Our son was 19 months old when we contacted Emily for her help.  It was a difficult time when it came to sleeping. He would cry as if he was in pain or frightened every time we attempted to put him in the cot for bed or nap times! He refused to go in his cot. So in the end we put him in our bed and he would go to sleep and wake up the same times as us. Our son was not getting enough sleep for his age and as a result he was grumpy and moody. This was taking a toll on our lives as it would be constant for the whole day! We wanted him to sleep in his cot and have regular naps.

Mr & Mrs Jagdev, Chandlers Ford, 19 month old son.

19 month old had never slept through the night – exhaustion was impacting on parents relationship

Hey Emily, just one last update from us to let you know how George is progressing. He now sleeps all night from 7pm-7am & we are even having to wake him!! He has stirred a few times the odd night but independently resettled & is going down to bed now without the need to have to go back in at all…even with me!

Hannah, New Forest, 19 month old son.

20 month old
We are so glad we got in touch with Emily. We have two boys and our youngest (20 month old) was waking up most mornings from 4am to start his day, sometimes having woken through the night too. This had been going on for almost a year and we were all exhausted; including his older brother who although in a separate room would be awoken. We were sceptical that we would be able to change his early wakes because we had left it too late to address. Emily reassured us during our first chat together that she was very confident she could help. Within the first week there was huge improvement and after two weeks he was sleeping soundly through the night! Now he wakes up between 6:15am and 7am and we have a happy toddler, happy brother and very happy parents! We can’t thank Emily enough and would highly recommend her to any parents experiencing sleepless nights. Her communication is excellent, she is very patient and caring but above all very knowledgeable on how to get your little ones to settle themselves at night.
Jon, Financial Advisor

Everything about sleep was difficult and stressful for the whole family
We cannot recommend Emily highly enough. If you know the nightmare of prolonged sleep deprivation having Emily gently teach us and our little girl how to sleep has been life changing.

Having used a controlled crying method with a sleep trainer when our daughter was 7months with some success but just thinking she was a terrible sleeper it all came to a head when at 20 months after our house move and good intentions to go in and comfort her culminated in 6 weeks of sleep hell (up every 2hours, screaming battle going to sleep, big separation anxiety) we reluctantly looked into sleep training again.

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Emily was reccomended to us by a friend and although I thought it was quite expensive I can say hand on heart it was worth every penny for the result, invaluable advice and incredible support she offers in her totally tailored service it was the best value for money for anything I’ve ever spent money on in my life.

Using a gradual retreat method which gave us the gentle approach I was looking for and comfortable with, our little girl sleeps through from 7pm-6.30am at night AND naps in the day in her cot which was very rare before.

Emily is also a lovely person and working with her was a joy. I really can’t thank her enough for her help and nearly 6 weeks on of great sleep I am just cross we didn’t do it sooner.

Personal Trainer, Southampton, 20 month old daughter.

20 month old dependent upon feeding to sleep, and back to sleep at all night wakes.
We were quite nervous about starting sleep training with our 20 month old but had reached breaking point with all the sleepless nights. Emily’s guidance and support was invaluable. The process felt alot more structured than it would have been if we had tried it ourselves. She helped give us the reassurance we needed throughout the process and was quick to respond to our questions and queries. Our little boy is now able to settle himself to sleep and sleeps throughout the night. He settled into the new routine so much quicker than we expected and still knows that we are there for him if he needs us.
Ann, Birmingham.

21 month old, had to be cuddled to sleep, bed sharing from 3 am, waking for the day at 5 am. Slept through the night from Night 1 of the plan!
After a lot of deliberating, trying some things we read online, “what our friends have done/do” etc a little birdie told us about Emily in a passing conversation about everyday life and it was one of those chats just just stayed in that back of my mind.

I had the initial consultation which left me at complete ease with our babies ‘normality’ and gave me confidence and reassurance that any concerns would be resolved with our emotions at the heart of any plan should we choose to proceed with absolutely no pressure. Following that we had a few excellent nights, (thinking we’d cracked it!) and then a couple of terrible ones and we finally booked a start date and I couldn’t be happier that we did.

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For the price of a reasonable hotel for just one weekend where two parents could have got some unbroken sleep, our baby has the skills to give us that for the foreseeable future. Every single personality trait of both parents and baby were considered throughout and each sleep event was totally personalised. We had near enough constant support, encouragement and contact for the time we had with Emily and even reaching out ‘into the shadows’ for her post plan she was only too happy to advise.

This journey is just like any other, yes there are a million things you can “Google”, start, give up on, ignore, delay, “live with” etc but there are experts who get you from A to B without the maze filled with minefields, bickers, and frustration in between and in record time too.

Just like any decent lifestyle change, we have not only altered our babies sleeping skills but we’ve learnt the ‘what’ ‘when’ and ‘whys’ and genuinely feel educated in this field of sleep (our babies sleep specifically that is!)

Emily’s “teach a man to fish” approach suited us down to the ground and we feel confident for the future, even the inevitable regressions and blips.

You get Personal Trainers for fitness, nutritionists for diets and, the expert that is Emily is for sleep.

Kim, Cardiff, mum of 21 month old.

21 month old couldn’t nap, overtired and unhappy afternoons…
Emily helped us so much, we could not get our daughter to sleep during the day and this was affecting her mood, by the evening she was so overtired and sometimes inconsolable. It began to affect us as a family and at times was a struggle. Emily helped us tweak some things at bed time and gave us a plan to follow for day sleep. The results were amazing and very quickly day naps were happening, we had a much happier child whom was finally getting enough sleep. Emily was very supportive and answered any questions we had throughout, regularly checking progress. Emily’s plan was easy to follow and was much gentler than other techniques I had researched. We are very happy and very thankful!

Emily, Woking, 21 month old.

21 month old had to be cuddled to sleep, often woke in the night requiring the comfort to go back off and erratic naps!

Well what a journey! Emily was recommended to us by a family member who had sung her praises for helping them with their 9 month old, and after reading the many amazing reviews we decided to take the plunge and contact her, the best decision we could have made!
Our 21 month old son had always been quite an erratic sleeper but being pregnant with number 2, we knew the time was now to get this sorted once and for all! Cuddled to sleep every night and often waking early hours for anything between 30 minutes-4 hours, always requiring cuddles back to sleep in the night and naps were never guaranteed, we were all exhausted!

Banker, Hampshire

22 month old
We contacted Emily when our daughter was 22 months old and my only regret is that I didn’t contact her sooner. We had enabled our daughter to develop poor sleep habits e.g, only falling sleep with one of us present, usually holding her hand (at bedtime and nap time) and waking in the night, with us staying with her to settle her. She’d then wake at 4am and by that time we’d just bring her in to bed with us. I knew my husband and I needed to change what we were doing but to be honest I was feeling a bit delirious with tiredness and didn’t know where to start. Finding Emily was a total game changer.

Sara, Fareham.

22 month old
So…. My husband was very apprehensive with spending money unnecessarily on a sleep therapist however while meeting Emily via zoom things seemed to be looking up. Emily was friendly, courteous, caring and showed honest compassion for our Freddie dilemmas. We had a follow up call soon after we decided to sign on the dotted line, what proceeded was two weeks of solid but direct instruction to solve our sleepless nights. On day one all the dummies were cut up and thrown in the bin, he’s not used a dummy since (or asked for it!) day 2 Freddie slept through the night and continued to improve on a daily basis. Emily was in contact with us every day through the sleep improvement plan and genuinely cared about our progress. Husband was converted…..as was Freddie. Money well spent- highly recommended! Thankyou Emily ❤️
Kate, Hampshire

22 month old, could only go to sleep while breastfeeding, Mum wanted to stop breastfeeding.
Emily is absolutely incredible, in fact, that’s an understatement but there are no words to fully describe her abilities!! She is very down-to-earth, friendly, honest and makes you feel at ease with the whole process the entire time. The advice that she gives is not rocket science, it’s all very simple but sometimes when you’re so close to the problem/s then you can’t see the possible pitfalls that you may be making, and so it almost feels like she’s a genius! She helped with our almost 2 year old who wasn’t sleeping through the night, he was in bed with me and would constantly wake up wanting me to continue breastfeeding and who was difficult to get to sleep in the first place. His daytime naps were also quite chaotic and despite trying to ‘fix’ all this ourselves and repeatedly ‘failing,’ with Emily’s help our son now sleeps through the night in his own cot, doesn’t have any more breastfeeds and is actually happy to go to bed at night and at his regular nap time during the day.

Emily made the experience comfortable, understandable and made us feel supported the entire time – thank you so much Emily!!!

Jenny, New Milton, 22 month old.

2 year old – never slept through the night, slept through on night 1 of Sleep Plan!

Emily has been brilliant. She came to our house, listened with sympathy and support, took us through her plan – pointing out what would be harder to deal with, what it would achieve and why and where there would be flexibility,  and kept in regular touch with us as we put the plan into action.

The plan worked from day 1. Our daughter has slept right through every night now for nearly a month save on a handful of occasions when she she either soothed herself to sleep or was ill or too hot. And in the latter two, she went back to sleep after little intervention from us.

We cannot rate Emily highly enough. The joy of sleep – for all of us, she has brought it back. Thank you!

Nurse, Winchester, mother of 2 year old daughter

2 Year old, needed a parent with him to go to sleep, many night wakes, bed-sharing by desperation.
We contacted Emily after a year of no sleep. Our 2 year old hadn’t slept through since his year 1 jabs. After seaching sleep consultants I decided to give Emily a call, there was something about her and her website which gave me positive vibes and after speaking to her on the phone I was 100% certain she was the one, so kind and caring and really put me at ease.

Katie, Waterlooville, 2 year 1 month old son.

Night wakes and persistent early wakes.
I cannot recommend Emily highly enough. If you’re thinking about asking for help but worry that it won’t work for your child, so did I! I couldn’t help thinking ‘What if my child is a special case and it just doesn’t work for him?’ Well it did. He now sleeps 12 hours a night and as a family, we’re all benefiting from it. We’re all so much happier as we get a full nights sleep again. Emily is so warm and approachable and will definately help you to ensure your little ones sleep.

Teacher, Dibden Purlieu, 2 year old son.

2 year old, long difficult bedtimes and many wakes each night, leaving the whole family exhausted
We booked a call with Emily after months (and months!) of our 2 year old refusing to go to bed without a lot of support, waking every 1-2 hours throughout the night and waking up anywhere from 4am ready for the day. We had resorted to having her in our bed most mornings to try and get some extra sleep. From the very first phone call Emily was so friendly, reassuring and realistic.

Lauren, Glastonbury

2 year old suffering with difficult and upsetting bedtimes and night wakes.
We had sleep problems with our 2 year old and we’re expecting a new baby and was running out of time to sort the sleep issues out. We called for Emily’s help after reading the reviews.
Emily managed to fix the issues with 2 weeks. Turning the 1hr 30minutes of bedtime crying to a ‘happy to go sleep’ child. Amazing.
One of the key things for us was we had different ideas and opinions about how to sleep train our baby. Emily gave us a reason to come together and agree the process, this led to the success we achieved.
We will not wait till the last minute for the next child.  The results have been amazing and so glad to have found Emily.
Ollie, Brockenhurst.

OLDER CHILDREN  (2 ½ to 8 years) 

2 and a half year old suffering from difficult bedtimes and night wakes, newborn baby in the family too, so all were exhausted! 
We sought Emily’s help as our nearly 2.5 yo wasn’t sleeping through the night and we’d struggle to get him to go down at bedtime too. Trying lots of different methods was proving challenging and not working as so much advice is conflicting. We had so many factors – newborn baby and as a blended family, the bedroom is shared half the time which has a big impact. Emily took the time to listen to all of these parts of our family life and include them in our plan. It wasn’t rigid, it was practical to our family’s needs, centred around juggling a newborn!! Emily was on hand to chat things through, conveniently over whats app and we’ve seen huge improvements in our baby’s sleep. In turn, he’s a lot happier in himself from not being so overtired.
Victoria, Hampshire

2 and a half year old.
We have just completed a 2 week sleep training programme with the lovely Emily.
We were at a stale mate with our 29 month olds sleep. Since he was a baby he has always been a dream sleeper until he was about 24/25 months and this is when he all changed. He wouldn’t let us leave the room until he has gone to sleep we had to sit on the end of his bed (sometimes for up to an hour!) and then creep out and by 1am every night without fail he was In our room in our bed and refused to go back in his, this became his routine and to be honest it became ours because at 1am I didn’t want to have the battle!

Jenna, Bournemouth

2 1/2 year old.
We can’t recommend anyone better than Emily if you’re struggling with children’s sleep.
We struggled for 2 and a half years with our daughter who was averaging 10+ wake ups per night and had to have contact comfort to fall asleep. She pretty much slept in our bed every night for 2 years.
We had tried every trick in the book to try and get our daughter to sleep independently, and stay asleep, but it just wasn’t working.
It was make or break time, our daughter’s sleep or us being driven apart.
Another parent that we know recommended Emily. We were very sceptical as nothing we had tried had worked but thought we had nothing to lose by giving Emily a try.
During a consultation call Emily laid out her recommendations and expectations.
She sent us a package of how the sleep process would go via Email which was easy to follow.
The sleep training plan we chose to follow didn’t go to plan as our daughter was very cunning and managed to work out how to get around it. Back to square one we thought.
Although we felt very disheartened at first and convinced this sleep training wasn’t going to work, Emily was always there offering tweaks and tips to adjust the plan to make it suitable for our daughter and us.
After trying these tweaks we started to see slow progress and although we didn’t see great change as quickly as we had hoped, Emily supported us through the long game.
Our daughter is now able to settle herself to sleep and can sleep through the night. If you had told us 2 months ago that we’d be saying good night at 7.30pm and then we wouldn’t see our daughter till 6am we would not have believed you!
The process is tough, it is emotionally and physically draining but we have learnt that perseverance is key and it does get easier!
Thank you for all the support Emily!
Production Manager, Newcastle.

Almost 3 year old.
After nearly a year of not sleeping due to our now nearly 3 year old having sleep problems. Not getting helpful help from Health Visitors or doctors due to lockdown, we found Emily’s page as we decided it was time to take action. Emily is warm yet firm in her approach to not just your child but to you also. Her daily contact made tweaking the extensive and thorough plan easy. She made a plan that works for you after her two hour in depth chat with yourselves. Our little boy went from waking every night 3 or 4 times and staying awake from 3/4am and being so tired and miserable to sleeping from 6-6 with no wake ups. His plan is still in place but after 2 weeks of help from Emily we are beyond please with his results. We can’t rate or recommend Emily enough. She has literally changed our whole life for the better. We have our happy, lovely little boy back. Thank you again Emily ???
Rachel, Wiltshire

3 year old, breastfeeding to sleep at bedtime and at his many night wakes.
Used Emily for the second time as shortly after she helped with my 18month old he developed cancer and all the hospital visits and treatments completely washed out his sleep training. I couldn’t rate her high enough, she’s incredibly knowledgable, her methods work, she is kind and supportive. I was sceptical it would work a second time as he was a lot older but here I am writing this review 6 weeks later and he is sleeping in his own bed, is easy to put to bed and now sleeps 11 hours . He is a completely different happier child. DO NOT HESITATE best decision I made ! Thank you EMILY once again you have literally changed our lives one happy mummy and son xx
Vetenary Nurse, Ringwood.

3 year olds sleep problems solved by following advice given on free 20 minute call.
Emily’s support to our family has been fantastic. Our 3 year old son had a number of issues waking early (0330-0500) and lacked the ability to return to sleep. This was particularly straining as our daughter would often be disturbed resulting in us trying to settle two children each morning. Emily provided excellent clear direction to allow us to implement her plan which has had great success. Our son has stopped his early waking and if he does, for a toilet break, he returns to bed now waking at a much more sociable time. We would highly recommend Emily and are grateful for her support and expertise.

3 year old, waking at 4 am every morning and not resettling to sleep.
We approached Emily after a change in our 3 year old son’s sleeping pattern which went from 12 hours solid sleep to middle of the night wake up calls and a real reluctance to go to bed . Emily reassured us that if we followed her guidance normal sleep would resume. With an initial call followed by daily updates to Emily we followed her instructions with amazing results. Emily kept us on track even when we had slight setbacks and was supportive throughout the process which is just we needed. The benefit of utilising the experience of Emily has not only been in the return to normal sleep but also in a much more contented child . If your having similar issues then I would strongly recommend you contact Emily .
John, Cardiff

3 year old.
Our little 3 year old was really struggling to stay asleep through the night and he was getting up 3 or 4 times, we tried absolutely everything but after a year we knew we needed to get some professional help. Emily was recommended to us by a neighbour so we got in contact and just 10 minutes into our free consultation Emily told us she could help and we have not looked back. Emily worked out an amazing plan for us which we followed to the letter, we then had daily WhatsApp contact with Emily to discuss the nights activities and make any small tweaks as required, after two weeks our little boy was sleeping from 7pm to 7am which is absolutely amazing. We really can’t recommend Emily highly enough, she has a very warm, friendly and reassuring approach and was always able to answer any questions we had throughout the process, Emily certainly went the extra mile for us and we are delighted to report he has now achieved consecutive nights of unbroken sleep.
Michelle, Winchester

3 year old suddenly ‘refusing’ to sleep in her bed.

We are extremely grateful for the help Emily has given us with giving us back our lives again.  Two weeks after our daughters third birthday, our daughter went from going to bed quietly and sleeping through till 7am, to screaming when left alone at bedtime, and then waking in the night, coming out of her room into ours, and saying “I don’t want to” when put back to bed.  We tried all the tactics we had at our disposal but to no avail. After 4 weeks of ever decreasing sleep for all in the house, Emily came to our rescue.

Self employed, mother of 3 year old daughter

Daughter taking until 10/11pm to go to sleep with many ‘stairgate’ battles all evening.
We can’t thank Emily enough for all her work. We contacted her after having a holiday ruined by our 3 year toddler not sleeping. We had become completely reliant on a baby gate to keep out little girl in bed and bedtimes often involved constant protesting and rattling of her baby gate, often til 10 or 11pm. After 2 weeks with Emily our bedtime routine is a joy. My husband & I have our evenings back and our little girl is now getting 12 hours sleep every night, without fail. As a family we are so much happier.
Vet, Shropshire, 3 year old.

9 month old waking every 45 minutes and 3 year old needing to co-sleep.
Emily is truly amazing and has saved us! I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone with a baby, toddler, child with sleeping problems! Our 9 month old went from waking every 45 minutes through the night to sleeping 7pm to 7 am! YES 12 HRS!!! Our 3.5 yr old would only go to bed with me (cuddled up in bed together all night) to sleeping in his own bed independently. She has been an absolute pleasure to work with and to meet.

Ebbie, Frome, 9 month old and 3 year old sons.

3 year old -Very stressful bedtimes, often taking over an hour.
Before we consulted Emily, our three year old son was turning bedtimes into a very drawn out and extremely stressful event, night after night. He has always been a good sleeper, sleeping through the night from three months old as I have always been very focussed on good sleep hygiene, but we were at our wits end with the constant battles to get him to stay in bed at bedtime which would leave him in tears, us stressed and anxious, and our five year old having nobody to sit and read with him or spend time with him in the evenings.

Angela, Romsey, 3 year old son.

3 and a half year old, very stressful bedtimes, night wakes and early mornings

We reached out to Emily during a time of desperation. Nights of 5-hour tantrums, waking at 1am and not going back to sleep, returning our daughter to bed 50 or 60 times at bedtime, waking at 05:00 many mornings… our 3.5-year-old was ruling the roost despite our best efforts. We had tried so many different techniques and approaches that we could no longer see the wood for the trees and had reached breaking point.

Helen, Nr Cardiff.

Unexpected follow up message from Helen , (above) 3 months after we finished working together.
Hi Emily,
I just wanted to let you know that the fantastic results we saw with your help are continuing – Holly is now going to bed amazingly well, sleeping through most nights and staying in bed until her sun comes up. Even the clock change didn’t cause the chaos I was dreading it would. She has an hour’s quiet time after lunch every day she’s at home, which she doesn’t fight and in fact, actually enjoys. We regularly do “5 night star charts” which she smashes every time – she’s currently on course for getting some new books in a few days’ time ☺️
I cannot thank you enough for your amazing support – I genuinely never thought we’d get to the point where she’d take herself to the loo in the night or play happily alone for an hour. It’s incredible. So I just wanted to once again thank you a million times ?

Helen Cardiff

4 years old.
Emily has transformed our daughters sleep in only ten days.
I didn’t know if she’d be able to help with an older child, (our daughter is 4) especially with one whose sleep has been as bad as our little girl but she confidently reassured us that she could help.
Emily gave us a gentle but firm plan for our daughter and told us to be consistent and in 7 days she went from waking up and having tantrums multiple times a night and most nights us needing to sleep in with her to her happily sleeping alone in her own room.
I can’t believe how painless the process was and how quickly it worked and am thrilled with the result. To finally have our little girl having good quality sleep is a game changer.
I really can’t recommend Emily highly enough.
Fitness coach, Southampton

4 year old
So many people say “ I don’t know why we waited so long” and I thought the same, but then again, I know myself and I know my little boy and I just wasn’t ready to tackle the sleep issues we had until now. Things had got so bad that everyone was in tears most nights and bedtimes were taking up to two hours from bath to sleep for our 4 year old son.
With a two month old baby to settle as well something had to change…so the time was now. We figured how could it be any worse doing sleep training if he’s so upset and angry every night already anyway.

Emily is truly heaven sent… from the first 20 minute phone consultation, to the evening zoom chat with her and my husband to discuss the plan and then the daily check ins via whatapp. Emily was with us every step of the way. Never in our wildest dreams did we think it would actually work in two weeks… but it did!!!
We have a very happy 4 year old boy now having wonderful bedtimes ( that we genuinely now look forward to) even our family have commented on his behaviour recently and how he just seems happier then ever…. All because he’s getting the sleep he needs, the right tools from us and to top it all, he’s proud of himself too.

I have no doubt in my mind I will be turning to Emily at some stage soon for help with the new arrival too.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping calm our household and giving us that much needed quiet time in the evenings.
We love you Emily!
Hotel Manager, Dorset

4 and 6 year olds living in 2 homes with separated parents.
Emily came via a referral. My daughters were 4 and 6 and had been getting in to bed with me since they were 18 months and 2. Not only did I end up with both in my bed at some point during the night getting them into bed was a challenge and took a long time each night and required me to sit with them holding their hands until they fell asleep. Then there would always be disruptions throughout the night for us All.We had got ourselves into a pickle. With no hint of judgement Emily set my co-parent and me up with a sleep routine and broke the elements down into steps over a 2 week period.

Emma, Winchester, 6 and 4 year olds.

5 year old daughter, 3 year old son
We have had a fantastic experience working with Emily. We were recommended her after friends also had her help and highly recommended her to us. We have a 5 year and 3 year old. Our 5 year old really struggled to settle in the evenings, bedtime could take up to 2 or 3 hours – with continual battles of her not wanting to be left along, saying she was frightened, continually getting out of bed, not being able to lie still and huge tantrums. She had huge bags under her eyes and her behavior was getting more challenging during the day also due to her tiredness. We were dreading bedtimes and rarely got any downtime in the evenings. My 3 year old was better at settling in the evenings but still needed someone to sit outside his door until he went to sleep and often woke overnight and several times a week he would end up in our bed. We had tried everything we could think of over years and we were exhausted! Emily was absolutely fantastic – she gave us so much time.

GP, Southampton, 5 and 3 year olds.

Almost 4 year old refusing to go to sleep alone and getting up through the night

I cannot recommend Emily highly enough. She helped us with our almost 4 year old daughter, who out of the blue 7 months ago started to not want to fall asleep by herself resulting in my husband and I having to sit with her night after night till she fell asleep, she also woke 1 – 4 times in the nightand again had to sit in her room each time til she fell asleep. We were at breaking point. That’s when Emily came and helped us, it’s been 3 weeks now and we can’t believe how far we’ve come with her. She’s like a different child. Emily kept in touch every day and helped us massively. The support was amazing. Thank you Emily xx

Kirsty, Christchurch, almost 4 year old daughter.

5 year old with difficult bedtimes, bedsharing that parents couldn’t change.
Emily has quite simply transformed our lives. Sounds dramatic but soo true. We followed her plan to the letter and withing a couple of days our son was sleeping as we wanted. We have seen a big difference in our son, now he is getting a full nights sleep, he is happier and less grumpy. This has made him more compliant throughout the day and at school. Plus we have now got our evenings back, which is also amazing. We are now six weeks in and our son goes to bed with no issues and sleeps all night. We cannot recommend Emily highly enough.
Julian, Hampshire, 5 year old son.

5 and 3 year olds sharing a bedroom, had never slept through the night without bedsharing with parents, slept through on Night 3.
Simone and I have two wonderful children called Giacomo (5 years) and his sister Roberta (nearly 3 years). Our children have never been very good at sleeping especially Giacomo and after nearly three-years of separate sleeping arrangements – me in one room with the children climbing into bed every night with me and Simone in the spare room – we felt that the time had come for our family to get some assistance so that everyone might get a much better nights sleep!

Katie, Southampton, 5 and 3 year old children.

Problems solved by following advice given on 20 minute free call.
I contacted Emily for some advice as our 6 year old twin was waking numerous times in the night for comfort or to go to the toilet.During our free consultation, Emily was really supportive and gave me some initial things to try. Since this my son has been so much more settled and is sleeping better through the night. His behaviour is also better as he is well rested.
I’m really grateful to Emily for her support and amazed that this advice was free! Such a godsend to families who need help and support.
Emma, Romsey, 6 year old.

6 year old taking 2 hours each evening to fall asleep

Emily gave fantasic advice and support and my 6 year old son now sleeps around 2 hours more a night! I highly recommend Dream Nights.

Jenny, Romsey, 6 year old son.

7 year old ‘I can’t go to sleep….’

“Bedtimes have been turned around thanks to Emily! My seven year old seemed to have a problem switching his brain off at bedtime and was spending an hour and a half on average to go to sleep after lights out, coming downstairs in the evening, feeling grumpy and cross that he couldn’t go to sleep. He was getting more and more tired during the daytime and we all dreaded the evening, it was just so frustrating! We have always had a bedtime routine in place and couldn’t work out what we were doing wrong! I knew he needed more sleep but I couldn’t find any advice that suited our family on any parenting forums online and so I asked Emily for her advice.

Liz, Romsey, mum of 2 boys.

Parents wanted their evenings and bed back…. after 7 years.

Thank you so much Emily for your help with my two children. My five year old had terrible difficulty sleeping in her own bed and wanted to be cuddled both to sleep and during the night, meaning that she ended up in our bed most nights. My seven year old was not able to settle and go to sleep until at least 9.30pm every night, meaning that she (and I) was exhausted the next day. Emily has changed our lives! Both children are now asleep in their own beds, every night, by 7.30pm and sleep through (in their own beds) until 7 o’clock the next morning. I would highly recommend Emily and her programme – some of the best money we have ever spent!

Helen, North Baddesley, daughters aged 5 and 7.

8 year old daughter so anxious that she had to sleep with mum.
Never did I think that my 8 year old would need any sort of sleep therapy, but the seperation anxiety at night time was getting worse and worse. I hadn’t slept in my own bed for nearly 3 months which was a massive strain on my relationship with my fiance and my 5 year old was suffering because we were giving her no attention. We’ve just completed 2 weeks with Emily’s plan and have two girls asleep within 45 minutes of starting the routine, not one night of tears, they have slept through for a good 10-11 hours each and every night! The moods are so much brighter! I can not thank Emily enough, it has changed our family in so many ways! Highly recommend xx

Carly, Romsey,  8 year old daughter.